Toolbox Records module

Airline maintenance organizations struggle daily with managing paper airplane records. Transitioning to a digital record solution
that integrates with other maintenance systems is becoming an imperative for
increased efficiency. The Records module extends the central document
management capabilities of Maintenance Performance Toolbox to the digital records arena. With this new module, Toolbox customers can easily unlock the potential of digital records management across their Boeing and non-Boeing fleets.

The Records module is a best-in-class document management

  • A complete solution complemented by the Maintenance
    Performance Toolbox suite of modules covering the entire spectrum of document
  • Data consistency through intelligent integration that empowers
  • Highest quality content by accommodating engineering content
    and redelivery book structure.

With the
Records module, you can:

  • Lower
    the costs of daily records management
  • Reduce
    rework in maintenance and records management
  • Reduce
    delays and costs incurred during airplane transitions
  • Create
    intelligent documents to allow quick and easy searches
  • Continuously automate and improve workflow

 The Records module features:

  • Integration with maintenance
    planning systems with auto processing of scanned or electronic task cards
  • Dynamic association of a technical
    log with an airplane with the Tech Log Page Manager
  • Standardization of lease
    transition checklists with the Transition Dashboard

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