Toolbox Mobile Parts

Toolbox Mobile Parts

Toolbox Mobile Parts is part of Boeing’s line maintenance suite of mobile applications. With this application, technicians cancheck on the availability of required parts using a mobile device, reducing the need for trips back to the line maintenance office. Maintenance and engineering personnel have access to the most current inventory information, for instant reference and use, wherever and whenever it is needed. Toolbox Mobile Parts integrates seamlessly with Toolbox Mobile Library and Maintenance Turn Time, to provide a full mobile maintenance troubleshooting solution.

Toolbox Mobile Parts provides mobile access to:

  • Part availability, identifying preferred location or multiple locations
  • Original and alternate part numbers
  • The most current inventory information

Key benefits:

  • Reduces part ordering errors
  • Helps return airplanes to service faster
  • Integrates seamlessly with Boeing’s line maintenance suite of mobile applications
  • Offers intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Allows lookup directly in Illustrated Parts Catalog hosted in Toolbox Mobile Library

Key notes

  • Requires integration with an airline’s MRO or ERP system
  • Available with or without subscription to Toolbox Mobile Library