Maintenance Performance Toolbox

Maintenance Performance Toolbox

The Maintenance Performance Toolbox (Toolbox) is an online system that uses intelligent documents and visual navigation methods to help airplane operators’ technical operations staff troubleshoot airplane systems, record structural repairs, manage parts and task cards; optimize maintenance program optimization, and author content.

Toolbox supports these activities by maintaining a current and accurate set of procedures and related information that enables the automation of document revisions including airplane operator review and acceptance.

In addition, aircraft operator and maintenance providers can create and modify operator-unique procedures and documentation using the same review and acceptance capability. This ensures that Toolbox users always know what information is available for maintenance and repair activities and which information is still being prepared.

Toolbox allows users to easily export task cards, maintenance program requirements, or bill of material information for import into their backend systems.

Toolbox is available through subscription to a hosted service delivered within, which offers the benefit of a common and easy-to-use interface to a variety of Boeing online products in a reliable and secure environment. It is built to ensure maximum security, availability, reliability, and scalability.


The Library module is a key component of Maintenance Performance Toolbox, and is required by the Systems, and Authoring, tools. Its optional use with the Structure’s and Tasks Tool significantly enhances its functionality and utility.

The Authoring module provides the ability to modify manufacturer maintenance documents. It integrates customer-configured data and existing data for a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate database.

The Accelerated Delivery Service improves online performance for network challenged customers. This service utilizes Boeing-hosted Citrix servers to increase the reliability of customer access to Maintenance Performance Toolbox.

The Systems module is designed to reduce the time to find specific technical information in time-critical situations such as line maintenance troubleshooting and dispatch.

The Tasks module enables the planning, definition, and management of task and job cards. The tool helps you customize your requirements and task card deck to create a maintenance program that exactly matches the specific maintenance needs of your fleets.

The Structures module provides 3D models for finding and analyzing structural repairs, making use of accumulated repair knowledge, and maintaining records of repair activities. The Structures Tool provides users with the capability to add, search, and review structural repair records for multiple fleets.

The Training Tool allows instructional developers to develop and assemble course material for teaching students about airplane systems and maintenance. It also provides a consistent approach for presenting this information in a classroom environment that enhances the students retention of complicated airplane systems and facilitates developer and instructor cross-training of airplane systems.