A user-friendly EFB software solution for pilots

AvioBook offers a next generation Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for the flight crew, with flexibility to match each airline’s unique operational requirements. This secure, connected and integrated application consists of up to 12 modules that are seamlessly integrated into one suite, with data sharing between the modules. 


Data sharing between modules and real time data exchange between ground ops, pilots, dispatchers and cabin crew for more efficiency.

Reduce cost and increase asset utilisation by digitising aircraft processes.

We integrate seamlessly with your existing back-office and IT infrastructure.

All information at your fingertips, even if you are not connected during flight.

12 modules

  • FLIGHTS: leg selection, notifications and updates
  • BRIEFING: quick access to weather, NOTAMS, ATC, company briefing documents and all other relevant operation information
  • OFP: fuel and weights, navlog and journey log.
  • WEIGHT & BALANCE: Full offline W&B calculation module with support for load control generated loadsheets.
  • NOTES: capability to take unlimited number of notes which will be attached to the flight folder and pushed back to the ground.
  • PERFO: takeoff and landing performance calculation.
  • CHARTS: launcher with route sharing to third-party chart applications.
  • LIBRARY: document viewer contextualized to your flight, with quick document and library search, user bookmarks and folder support.
  • REPORTS: company-defined forms for pilot reporting.
  • GLOBE: comprehensive situational awareness tool dispaying the route, weather layers and airports information on an interactive map. It can be enhanced by In-Flight Optim function that enables you to keep your flight optimized, whatever the events encountered during the flight. 
  • TOOLS: set of simple but useful tools for pilots.
  • TECHLOG: interactive and connected technical logbook.  

How it works

As part of the AVIO application suite, it operates in a 3-tier architecture, connecting (as AvioCabin, AvioTech, AvioConnect) to the operator back-office or 3rd party supplier systems, through a central (mid-office) layer: AvioBase, and an online data service: AvioCloud.


Aviobook revolutionized the way we operate, bringing reduced flight crew workload, increased efficiency, cost reduction, processes simplification and a significant yearly increase in payload. Reliability, flexibility, acessibility and ergonomy are now key drivers in our challenging operational environment.” 
Pedro Marques, – SATA Air Acores

Aviobook is extremely robust, user friendly and one of the most comprehensive EFB suites in the market. The advanced user interface and the embedded workflow elements allow our flight crews to work more efficiently. The integration with our back-office systems also allows us to enhance productivity and present an ideal platform for future growth, especially in a multi-base operation.” 
Captain M. Ahmed, Director of Operations – Air Arabia

Aviobook provides reduced workload for our pilots as well as both safety and financial benefits. Our demanding route structure and operational environment requires a tailored and robust EFB solution. We are happy that our cooperation with Aviobook provided us with this.”
Helge Anonsen, Deputy Director of Flight Operations and EFB administrator – Wider√łe

Air Greenland has selected Aviobook because of its flexibility which matches our need to adapt to the sometimes difficult and extreme operational environment in which we are operating, and provides us with an ideal future platform completely integrated with our existing back-office systems which will allow us to further increase our operational efficiency.