For airline operation centers we offer AvioBase, a comprehensive software suite which allows OCC staff and dispatchers to create, enrich and manage the Electronic Flight Folder.

This powerful web-based application also allows to manage and monitor all data going to the pilot’s EFBs, cabin and ground crew devices and integrates with your airline’s back-office systems.

AvioBase Features:

  • Follow-up flight data through a user-friendly timeline
  • Add rule based documents, messages and live weather data to the flight briefing
  • Interact with the crew through notifications and reports
  • Get alerts when data is incomplete or not correct
  • Manage aircraft configurations, users and devices
  • Review, export and analyse historical flight data
  • Monitor aircraft technical status
  • Get access to all the relevant data and configuration options from AvioTech (for maintenance control center)
  • Track your fleet with live Flight Tracking system, including weather monitoring