Emergency Response Planning Module

Emergency preparedness is the basic principle of an effective emergency response action. The IQSMS ERP Module has been designed to support Business Jet Operators in their prompt reaction to any kind of irregularity in their operation.

Emergency situations of any kind require clearly defined instructions for action to ensure an efficient cooperation among all staff and possible emergency service providers to establish an organizational structure and procedure to meet unforeseen deviations in planned operations.

The IQSMS ERP Module is a proactive emergency management tool that can be used for incidents and accidents, but also for any abnormal situation within the organization that requires complex decision making, centralized coordination and proper distribution of tasks. It enables the implementation, development, maintenance and testing of emergency preparedness and response arrangements. ERM allows you to predefine a number of emergency scenarios and to develop corresponding checklists for all relevant responsible people involved in the Emergency Response process.

Preventative measures as well as appropriate emergency and recovery procedures for emergency situations can be implemented in IQSMS in order to further enhance response readiness, or the capacity of an organization to respond effectively to aberrations. The module supports a swift recovery process and effective hazard mitigation, facilitates the restoration of the built environment and therefore enables a rapid return to business continuity.