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Our applications fit any size company and any need for:

Purchase Order Management
Repair Order Management
Electronic Catalogs
AOG Recovery
Loan/Borrow/Exchange Programs
Pooling Agreement Management
Strategic Tendering Solutions

Aeroxchange is the only electronic business network that supports all MRO business processes within the aviation industry for buyer and sellers. Aeroxchange provides a complete lifecycle of electronic communication from order creation to final invoice. The Aeroxchange service accelerates repair, replenishment, sourcing, inventory pooling and other critical operations in the aviation supply chain.

Aeroxchange automates the exchange of documents and information for commercial transactions. Our electronic platform dramatically reduces manual activity for transaction processed by fax, telephone and email, and increases the accuracy and timeliness of information and document exchange.

For airlines and buyers, Aeroxchange creates supply chain efficiencies for complex procurement of MRO goods:

  • Reduced Turn-Around-Times for repairs and replenishment by eliminating the delays and errors of manual processing.
  • Broader price discovery by increasing the portion of spend presented to suppliers for competitive bids.
  • Increased asset utilization by providing up-to-the-minute visibility of loan, borrow and exchange transactions with partners.

For sellers and repair service providers, Aeroxchange creates sales channel efficiencies by broadening visibility of inventory and capabilities and streamlining the order process.

  • More business opportunities with up-to-date catalogues instantly visible to thousands of buyers.
  • Greater customer satisfaction with supplier performance made visible in real-time.
  • Faster time to payment by increasing the accuracy of invoicing.