Aerostrat observed that airline and MRO maintenance groups constantly deal with an ever-evolving landscape where new priorities and situations arising on a daily basis. Data Clusters was developed to provide a robust solution of ever-changing variables. The feature enables airlines and MRO’s with the ability to perform what-ifs on any variable that affects the heavy maintenance program.

Data Clusters Switcher

Data Clusters are comprised of 3 different data “sets”: the Aircraft Set, Requirement Set, and Vendor Set. Unlimited, unique sets can be created, and those sets can then become part of a unique Cluster, then that Cluster can be used in a Scenario in order to see the effect of changes made.

Scenarios menu showing different Data Clusters

Sets and Clusters can be created for any number of different kinds of scenarios. For example, if an airline wanted to see the effect of adding new aircraft to the fleet, the user could create a unique Aircraft Set that added those aircraft and then could use that set in a Cluster and that Cluster could then be used in a Scenario in order to see when the new aircraft checks would come due. Similar abilities are available for requirements and vendors too.

Manage Clusters Aircraft Sets Menu

No matter the situation or circumstance, Data Clusters is a feature that gives the user the ability to create unlimited what-if scenarios, which enable airlines and MROs to make sound business decisions.