Providing Business Intelligence

DigiREPORTS™ gives you an interactive, robust pure WEBbased Business Intelligence platform that allows developers and end-users to quickly create and publish executive and management reports for the entire organization over the company’s intranet and the Internet.

Developers can quickly and easily build interactive, WEB-based reports complete with crosstabs, drill-down and drill-through, charting, data grouping, on-the-fly sorting and paging, and more.

The system allows for setting up reports on a schedule so that they can be delivered at a pre-established frequency to specific individuals within the maintenance organization using the data sets of their interest.

DigiREPORTS™ brings several Internet technologies together, allowing report developers to quickly deliver DigiMAINT™ or WebPMI™ database content and integration with other applications as rich, dynamic reports in a presentable and accessible manner.

DigiREPORTS™ is based on an SQL interface and can generate output appropriate for WEB (HTML), printing (.PDF), Office applications (.DOCX, .CSV/.XLSX), or XML data files.


DigiREPORTS™ is a natural extension to both DigiMAINT’s™ and WebPMI’s™ vast array of standard reports.

It’s Customizable DigiREPORTS™ will allow you to create reports matching your corporate visual identity, including font, colours, company logos and trademarks, and images.


The combination of DigiREPORTS™ with DigiMAINT™ or WebPMI™ allows users to access reports anytime, anywhere. All they need is a standard Web browser on any platform.

Technology Information

DigiREPORTS™ can be deployed on a separate WEB Server to present data from either DigiMAINT™ or WebPMI™ or as a combined DigiMAINT™/DigiREPORTS™ WEB Server.

It supports any data source

DigiREPORTS™ supports RDBMS data sources as well as text files, XML, Excel, and so on.

You can combine data from DigiMAINT™ or WebPMI™ with other databases and data sources used within your company.

Easy to Use

It’s so easy to use that you will be up and running with your first report within a day! Build complete reporting applications in a matter of hours instead of the weeks and months that may be required of other report development tools.

How It Works

The DigiREPORTS™ framework consists of:

  • An XML-based modeling language,
  • An ASP .NET or Java runtime server, and
  • An integrated development environment (Studio).

The DigiREPORTS™ set of tools separate data handling, report development, and presentation. The WEB reports are setup in report definition files using an XML modelling language, using an integrated development environment with helpful wizards and tools to reduce development time. The report definitions contain the structure and layout information for each dynamic Webpage. A report definition is typically comprised of a report header, main body and report footer. The Report Engine parses the XML constructs at runtime, creating HTML for presentation on your browser.

Developers can use external files or support files within a DigiREPORTS™ report, such as:

  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS),
  • JavaScript or VBScript,
  • GIF, JPG, PNG and other image file formats, and
  • XML data files.

DigiREPORTS™ utilizes the LogiAnalytics licensed products:

  • LogiInfo / Studio,
  • LogiAdHoc

AeroSoft’s unique knowledge of the data end process models of our proprietary applications DigiMAINT and Web PMI is combined with the features and functions of the LogiAnalytics tool kits to create the DigiREPORTS™ offering.

AeroSoft is a reseller of the LogiAnalytics tool kit.