As of 2015 we bring you DigiMAINT™ NG (Next Generation). We have migrated the application and database objects to Java and SQL Server and imbedded new functionalities and tools relating to Business Intelligence Analytics and Reporting, and Planning Management and Monitoring.

Helping you achieve your regulatory and financial goals
To make an organisation competitive, management must make the decision to give their assets the best possible protection. In commercial aviation, operating margins are narrow; therefore, even within a small fleet of aircraft, a fraction of increase in availability of those assets and a fraction in reduction of maintenance costs can run into millions of dollars going directly to the bottom line annually.

Aircraft must also be maintained effectively relative to Flight Operations demands and within an increasingly stricter Regulatory environment. Otherwise, this asset would be A.O.G. for unscheduled or routine maintenance, consuming time and money when it should be flying and generating revenue.


DigiMAINT™ will ensure that with a few keystrokes, you can find your stock, know how much it is worth, and which job or asset or location is consuming it.

Using DigiMAINT™ in combination with your Regulator Approved Maintenance Program, allows you to know well in advance when aircraft maintenance is due and provide the ability to produce accurate fleet reliability information for future planning purposes.

DigiMAINT™ allows you to verify to your Regulatory compliance “on demand”.

DigiMAINT™ is a WEB-enabled commercial aviation maintenance management system, specifically designed for all types of aircraft operators, maintenance facilities, stock distributors, and regulatory agencies.

DigiMAINT™ is a solution developed, supported by aviation engineers, mechanics, process experts, and IT experts.

DigiMAINT™ is currently installed and operational at air service providers, airlines, third party maintenance organizations, and civil aviation authorities.

DigiMAINT™ provides complete control over all facets of your operation:

DigiMAINT™ can be custom interfaced with 3rd party Flight Operations and Accounting Systems.

Benefits of a DigiMAINT™ Implementation

An Integrated System

DigiMAINT™ provides complete control over all facets of your operation including planning, technical records, stock control, sales, purchasing, production control, and flight and crew log within one Software Solution.

Planning Management / Monitoring

DigiMAINT™ now includes Project, Resources and Services Management applications to schedule Jobs, setup and monitor Tasks and Services using graphical user interface.

These can be used to setup, monitor and adjust work and resources progress for various project plans or schedules with a Gantt chart.

These applications are fully interactive; all items can be changed directly in the chart and updated. User may select the level of detail shown in the Gantt Chart.

Providing Business Intelligence

DigiMAINT™ gives you an interactive, robust pure WEB-based Business Intelligence (BI) platform publish WEB-based executive and management reports for the entire organization over the company’s intranet and the internet.

Users can quickly and easily navigate through WEB-based reports complete with crosstabs, drill-down and drill-through, charting, data grouping, on-the-fly sorting and paging, and more.

The system allows for setting up reports on a schedule so that they can be delivered at a pre-established frequency to specific individuals within the maintenance organization using the data sets of their interest.

DigiMAINT™ BI Tool supports any OLEDB and ODBC data source as well as text files, XML, Excel, and so on. It brings several Internet technologies together, allowing quick delivery of DigiMAINT™ database content and content from other Database applications and data sources within your organization as rich, dynamic reports in a presentable and accessible manner such as WEB (HTML), printing (.PDF), other ODBC supported Office applications (.DOCX, .CSV/.XLSX), or XML data files.

Significant improvements in productivity, improved accuracy and instant availability of data in real-time

DigiMAINT™ provides a world-class application to improve visibility and real time data access supporting an efficient monitoring process.

Data redundancy is minimized and users know that the system is always ‘up to date’.

Management can obtain detailed insight on main aircraft maintenance and inventory indicators, determine cost drivers, and take appropriate corrective actions.

DigiMAINT™ will facilitate interaction with the local government regulatory agencies by making compliance and airworthiness information immediately available upon request.

Cost Savings

Compared to competition products offering the same amount and similar functionalities, DigiMAINT™ is ‘cheaper’ to buy and to implement; it can be deployed faster, and is easier to learn by the end users, ensuring that you meet your R.O.I. goals.