Aerosoft Systems Inc.

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 AeroSoft Systems Inc. (AeroSoft) is proud to be a lead participant in Aircraft Commerce’s  Maintenance Operations IT Portal. AeroSoft was founded in 1997 for the sole purpose of developing systems for maintenance and engineering applications for commercial aviation. AeroSoft’s specialized expertise rose out of the area digital document standards (iSPEC2200, S1000D) and the potential they offer to OEM’s, Airlines and MRO’s. AeroSoft is headquartered in Mississauga, Canada, with subsidiary operations in USA/Miami Florida and Austria. AeroSoft solutions have been implemented at over 60 airlines in the past 25 years.

AeroSoft’s current active customers’ cumulative fleet of 1000 aircraft have been managed using our solutions anywhere from 4 to 23 years. The value in our products and services includes, more than 300 customer-years and 10,200 aircraft-years. This is challenging to be matched by recently popularized  and promoted “Best of breed” M&E systems or vendors. Our installed base experience is backed by our staff’s domain experience of more than 200 person-years.

In 2014, AeroSoft Systems Inc. occupies a truly unique position in the market of software suppliers for aircraft maintenance operations. AeroSoft has two (2) distinct MRO/M&E software product solutions which are targeted accordingly to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers and their MRO’s. These two products (WebPMI and DigiMAINT)  have the functional maturity of over 100 man years development, 20 calendar years in the market and yet they are installed and operating on the preferred technology of the Here and Now: The Internet / Web. These products are further complemented with the advanced Business Intelligence solution DigiREPORTS, and Maintenance Planning/Scheduling tool DigiPLAN.

AeroSoft is also unique in the market – they are the only supplier world-wide that also has a full scale CMS product DigiDOC. DigiDOC is a state of the art Content Management Solution (CMS) specifically designed, implemented and tailored for commercial aviation and iSPEC2200, S1000D, SPEC2300 or DITA. DigiDOC also enjoys an impressive list of implementations amongst the major engine and airframe OEM’s as well as key airlines and MRO’s.

As a result of the 17 years of operations experience in the maintenance and engineering IT market for commercial aviation AeroSoft is uniquely positioned to offer the optimum integration solutions to the industry between “Parts-oriented MRO” and “Digital Documented CMS” systems. As such, not only is AeroSoft integrating DigiDOC with DigiMAINT and WebPMI within their customer base, they are also integrating it for the other competitor Best-of-Breed M&E or ERP based MRO IT solutions which are prominent in the market.

AeroSoft has obtained their position in the market through organic and inorganic growth, often leveraging technology, business development and marketing relationships. As such since 2010, AeroSoft announced their partnership with Hexaware Technologies Inc. ( ) In this business development agreement, AeroSoft and Hexaware are jointly going to the market and leveraging their respective advantages of technology/products with enterprise size and might, IT services, QA standards and building jointly a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the MRO/IT digital document domain’.

For complete details of the AeroSoft product suite visit / or mail to: or telephone +1-905-678-9564 / Ext. 104.


Aerosoft is proud to announce that it has partnered with Hexaware Technologies to provide access to real-time updates to documents through DigiDOC for aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) teams via iOS 7. By extending the mobile platform beyond Android and Windows 8, more MRO teams will have access to the Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) platform for AeroSoft’s DigiDOC content management solutions on iPads and iPhones.

Digital data will be available via a custom Web interface for the replication of changes across documents, revisions to content, and to provide a proven solution for the maintenance of modern commercial aircraft. DigiDOC is a flexible interface that enables the airline or MRO team to assemble a customized package geared toward any specific need, and to provide advanced content management solutions, which are being used for a new generation of aircraft like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.