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Specialising in the development of aircraft maintenance software, AD Software makes high level expertise readily available.
AIRPACK is a new generation aviation software developed by ADSoftware. It improves safety and operations efficiency of Airlines, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities (MRO) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO).

ADSOFTWARE is a leading aviation software company, recognized for its expertise in providing modular ERP solutions for CAMO and MRO operations in both civil and military aviation sectors. Our comprehensive suite of software solutions covers critical areas including airworthiness management, maintenance programs, life limits, supply chain, and production management, addressing the diverse needs of aeronautical entities.

ADSOFTWARE prioritizes personalized client experiences, offering high-quality software, services, and support tailored to individual needs.

Always more reliable, always more innovative, and always competitively priced.
As a company dedicated to continuous innovation, we regularly develop new features and solutions based on customer feedback and industry requirements. Their latest ERP version, ADSOFTWARE Web Application (AWA), is a SaaS solution optimized to facilitate future innovations. With improved accessibility through web access from anywhere, enhanced speed, and secure data management, AWA sets the standard for efficiency with a competitive pricing.

Safety, workflow optimization, and adaptability are central to ADSOFTWARE’s innovative approach. AWA fulfils all requirements in terms of functionality, traceability, performance, and compliance with aviation legislation and regulations. Moreover, the fully scalable ERP suite allows clients to customize and select modules according to their specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution.

To support the seamless integration and adaptation of its solutions, ADSOFTWARE offers comprehensive training, including on-site launches to familiarize teams with the platform’s features and capabilities. Additionally, their dedicated support team provides 7/7 assistance and on-demand training sessions, fostering long-term partnerships with their clients.

ADSOFTWARE remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower their clients to achieve their operational goals efficiently and effectively.