AARIVE® is a self-service portal for our PBH component support customers. It fully empowers users to manage their program anywhere and anytime. The portal allows improved asset availability and reduced turnaround times via streamlined order management processes. 

Platform benefits


Reliable ordering and onsite inventory transparency
Order the right part number with confidence. Know which parts are already on-site for immediate use.

Real-time order visibility and tracking
Track shipments and transactions. Receive and review paperwork ahead of shipment to avoid potential import delays.

Simplified core return management
Easy online submission and record keeping of removal tags and LLP data. Simplified receipt of shipping and repair information.

Engineering data and reporting
Extensive program reporting and part history at your finger tips.

Easy access – anytime and anywhere
Available online via desktop and tablet.


  • Integrated Solutions team in Gatwick for additional information on PBH programs and the AARive® platform at +44-129-355-8850.
  • Email: AARDigitalServices@aarcorp.com