Aero-Webb® Mobility

Mobility (Mobile eLogbook)

Facilitates logbook and experience feedback updates
Secures and makes in-the-field interventions easier
Enriches and structures maintenance history
Ensures consistency between logbook, experience feedback and technical referential data


Job cards in the aircraft & on field / line
On field activities
  • Configuration recordings
  • Installation and removal
  • Defects
  • Events…

Retrieves technical data and maintenance history from database prior to mission
Records maintenance actions (tasks, replacements, modifications and SBs)
Issues maintenance logbook
Enriches the database with maintenance history after each mission

Users examples
In-the-field technicians

Business Benefits
Secures modification access : right information accessible to the right person
Latest release of technical data in hand
Accelerates and simplifies technician’s reporting
Gives immediate feedback of maintenance actions in the database