Aero-Webb® Master Configuration Hub


Create and update product structures

  • IPC view
  • ATA Items, Parts, alternatives,
  • Complex asset product structure management

Create and manage Tasks

  • AMM view
  • task, operations, task groups…
  • Maintenance plan

Manage configuration

  • Modifications (SB, AD…)
  • Authorized Configurations


  • ATA compliant
  • Enables to associate tasks and bill-of-material
  • Proposes advanced attributes and data tailored for Industry specialists
  • Can be connected from or to other systems
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) to perform MRO bill-of-materials updates.

Business benefits

  • Logical and easy way to update MRO bill-of-materials (ATA items, SB & AD, PN…)
  • No necessity to create an iPPE structure in SAP
  • Enhances ergonomics
  • Compatibility between configuration and tasks lists

Users examples
Design office
Airworthiness office
Tech pubs