Aero-Webb® Inspector WorkBench

Inspector Work Bench
Streamline MRO Process
Inspector WorkBench covers Engine/Component Repair & Overhaul strategic business steps :

  • Project initialization and Technical Workscope
  • Inventory & Inspection, Sentencing, Controls, Decision
  • Decision making algorithms through constraints (delay, cost, logistics, experience feedbacks)
  • Final (outgoing configuration) check

Technical Workscope

Automatically calculate intervention level.
Calculates components to be removed and assign tasks lists (teardown, cleaning, inspection…) 
Systematizes and secures actions (reduces risks linked to human factors) 
Runs an extended configuration control to ensure both serviceability and customer satisfaction

Iterative process 
Expert algorithm takes into account external factors, subassemblies in order to calculate components to be removed and associated tasks 
Integrated with SAP notification process 
Extended configuration control 

Users examples
Shop floor experts 
Technical pre-sales officeInspection & Sentencing

Condense all data necessary required for the inspection into a small number of screens .
Teardown list : record actual configuration and damages on components 
Controls actual vs. target configurations 
Checks Serviceability (Missing, serviceable, repairable, remove from service,…) 
Selection of repair tasks

Bar code management 
Access controlled through profiles 
Creation of notifications in SAP

Users examples
Technical experts 
Shop floor experts

Business benefits
Simple display of a selection of equipments, as required 
Improves recording and eliminates human errors 
Monitors and manages experience feedback 
Accelerates inspection process 
No necessity to create an equipment structure in SAPDecision Optimizer

Enhancement of decision on parts before or after inspection.
Takes into account various type of factors (logistics, experience feedback, TAT, costs, customer preferences…) in decision process 
Automates obvious decisions, gives guidelines for others 
Makes the process collaborative, not sequential

Uses the result of Technical WorkScope or Inspection & Sentencing 
Can be implemented separately with specific connections 
Summarizes in one screen all important factors on a wide list of components 
Runs complex mathematic algorithms adapted to the context 
Ensures nothing is forgotten on a complex asset

Users examples
Technical / Shop Floor expert 
Pre-sales technician 
Business manager 

Business benefits
Reduces Decision TAT (Turn Around Time) 
Optimizes TAT vs. Cost compromise 
Enhances customer satisfaction 
Ensures nothing is forgotten on a complex asset