Aero-Webb® Fleet Management

Fleet Data Recording

Records and manages your fleet data (Assets, Applied AD/SB, Counters, Configuration, Events …) 
Enhances recording of real life data for better experience return analysis 
Ensures high level traceability on actions performed (what, when, where) and on asset’s configurations 
Analyses and combines usage, fleet and referential data through added value functions (i.e. Configuration control)

Key functions

Record fleet data on aircraft, engine and components

  • Product configuration (Equipment Installation/Removal)
  • Counters
  • Maintenance activities
  • Operational events
  • Defects

Control airworthiness (AD, SB…)
Manage Flights schedules

Business benefit and characteristics
Allows to associate tasks and bill of material 
Allows building your own asset fleet view (Left landing gears…) for analysis 
Proposes advanced expert data 
Can be connected from or to other systems 
Easy to use MMI for MRO bill of materials updatesUser examples
Airworthiness office 
Support engineers