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MRX Systems

Blue Eye Suite Maintenance solutions by MRX Systems

The MRX Systems software solution is a fully-integrated digital platform enabling aviation professionals to access real-time data and take control over their fleet and their operations.

Thanks to more than 10 years of customer feedback and perpetual development, MRX Systems brings a complete, secure and scalable solution to challenges faced by operators, CAMOs and MROs. The system is divided into three modules, each of them designed to meet the specific operational needs of their users.

Multi-User, 100% paperless, always up-to-date, and Cloud based, all data is accessible at any time worldwide enhancing operation and maintenance efficiency.

Drastically Time-Saving
EASA / FAA compliant, we helped customers in over 20 countries and operating hundreds of aircraft to improve their operational communication and minimize the risk of human errors.

Definitely Connected
Bridged with Airbus Helicopters, CAMP, SkyLegs and many other, each database can be linked to various third parties using API. Connected files options are also available for internal needs.

Secured & Trusted
End-to-end encryption using SSL protocol.
Geographically distant daily back-ups via Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Data restoration features.
Awarded with AIRBUS Helicopters Data Stream Premium Certificate.

Blue EYE iPad App
Built-in & Custom Reports

You have specific needs and your clients specific expectations, Blue EYE offers the possibility to create report templates with infinite customization options. Import your logo, choose your layout and select which fields and ranges are to be included or not, we also propose assistance to design complex reports. If you don’t need any of these, you can still explore our report library, packed with built-in reports.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Through its cloud-based architecture and dedicated database, all data saved is automatically pushed to secure servers with daily back-ups, loss of data is now history.
Blue EYE iPad App also offers all its features offline, data is then locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.
Powering the paperless experience, Blue EYE is connected and data-fed by Blue EYE iPad App. This enables you to receive live information from your crew and technical staff through an intuitive and user-friendly application featuring eTechLogs, and eFlightLogs.

eJobCard iPad App
With the eJobCard iPad App, communication between CAMO and MRO has never been so simple. Instantly share job description and retrieve data from your technicians. From the iPad app, technicians can:

• View all assigned jobs.
• Open and read jobcards.
• Report findings, illustrated with pictures.
• Update parts, tools and resources used in seconds with QR codes.
• Sign off tasks and CRS directly on the device.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Blue MRO iPad App also offers all its features offline, all data is locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.


TrustFlight for Aircraft Operators
The TrustFlight Suite powers a connected workflow for your entire operation. This includes products such as the Electronic Tech Log, MEL Manager and Centrik to enable a transition away from paper, as well as services to help boost efficiency and reduce risk.

TrustFlight for MROs
As a Maintenance and Repair Organisation, our Centrik software, CAMO services, and Digital Engine Log will help you achieve new levels of productivity, quality and insight into your operations.

TrustFlight for Leasing Companies
As an aircraft lessor, effortlessly register your assets with our blockchain-based Aircraft Registry, leverage our CAMO service for inspections & technical support, and access data insights with the Digital Engine Log.

The TrustFlight Suite of Products:

Flatirons Solutions

Company Overview

Flatirons Solutions provides a technical content management platform that transforms complex data into actionable information, driving measurably higher productivity, asset utilization, and compliance levels. We provide solutions and expertise that organizations need to harness their most complex data, optimize their business processes, and create compelling digital experiences. Entering uncharted territory, forging new partnerships, and envisioning groundbreaking solutions, we make a difference in how organizations operate and make users’ lives simpler and more efficient. To provide global support we staff employees in 8 countries with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Flatirons platform is the leading technical content and maintenance task management solution developed specifically for aircraft fleets, MROs, and OEM Manufacturers who rely on mission-critical data to design, manufacture, operate, or maintain complex assets over their product and service lifecycles as well as across multi-echelon business networks.

For nearly 30 years, the world’s leading airlines, aerospace manufacturers, OEMs, and Defense organizations have trusted Flatirons to create, manage, and deliver large volumes of technical information throughout an asset’s lifecycle. Today, global companies depend on us to modernize their IT infrastructures, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain their competitive advantage.

With Flatirons, we host, manage, and deliver your airline technical content, so you can focus on what you do best. You can now take charge of your data and make changes when you require them without relying on an OEM. And with our maintenance task management capabilities, you can quickly turn your content into actionable tasks and view them on any mobile device or desktop anytime, anywhere.

Our Fleet, MRO, and Manufacturer Editions are customized to fit your industry needs. They are configured with all the necessary modules—from content management to interactive publication to process management. Flatirons solutions make you more productive, automate tasks, reduce overhead, and lower overall operating costs.


Flatirons Fleet Pro Edition – Designed for Large Airlines

Our Flatirons Fleet Pro Edition is a cloud-based subscription service designed for large airlines that features a suite of application modules designed to address mixed-fleet, multi-engine, and multi-spec operators’ unique maintenance content challenges. It provides complete and streamlined management of extensive multi-OEM and multi-spec data sets, such as ATA iSpec 2200 and S1000D. Fleet Pro gives aircraft operators complete control of their technical data for all fleets, engines, and components and manages that information in one place for improved maintenance productivity.

  • Supports the most extensive fleet and engine publication types across many major manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, GE, Rolls Royce, Safran/CFM, and Pratt & Whitney; Enables you to consolidate your technical information management requirements into a single system.
  • Provides seamless, single-system access to airframe, engine, and component publications through the Flatirons Pinpoint module’s advanced IETP viewer
  • Allows technicians to access and complete work cards on mobile devices via an electronic inbox/work queue and electronic sign-off features through the Flatirons eTaskcard module
  • Combines native support for widely adopted aviation specifications, including iSpec 2200, 2300, S1000D, and Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) through the Flatirons Studio module’s XML-based content creation capabilities; Studio provides technical authors with a feature-rich, WYSIWYG, guided XML editing environment that is easy to install, use, and configure
  • Enhances operational efficiency by providing greater visibility of every step of the workflow process from the point of introduction of any change request analysis, approval process, re-route, and activity reassignment through Flatirons Insight module’s Business Process Management (BPM) tool
  • Manages content at a more granular level than the document level, allowing users to track not only versions of content but also multifaceted relationships among topics, graphics, publications, and other regulated content through Flatirons Knowledge Center module’s powerful CMS

Fleet Pro allows you to control your content to improve Technician Efficiency, Aircraft Utilization, and Compliance, empowering technicians to find the correct information at the right time to get aircraft back into revenue-generating service rapidly

Flatirons Fleet Edition – Designed for Mid-Sized to Small Airlines

We offer the Flatirons Fleet Edition if you only need interactive publications viewing with simple in-line editing capabilities instead of the Fleet Pro edition’s full-service abilities. Fleet Edition allows airlines to revise and deliver the latest maintenance documents to desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

  • Cloud-based subscription service optimized for small to mid-sized airlines features a suite of application modules designed to address mixed-fleet, multi-engine, and multi-spec operators’ unique maintenance content challenges.
  • Flatirons Pinpoint module is the advanced IETP viewer that provides seamless, single-system access to airframe, engine, and component publications
  • Local in-line editing (data enrichment or augmentation) from the Pinpoint viewer allows you to easily modify SGML / XML versions of key manuals like the AMM, EMM, CMM, and the AIPC/EIPC to capture and distribute your maintenance best practices and operational experience to your entire workforce.

By offering single-system access to the information needed to service multi-manufacturer aircraft, engines, and components, Flatirons Fleet is the ideal cloud-based, cost-effective offering for small to mid-size airline maintenance organizations.

Flatirons Fleet Edition- Flight Operations Module

The Flatirons Flight Operations module contains a set of applications that helps airlines create, optimize, deliver, and consume flight operations manuals, company manuals, and other documentation critical for flight crews using Apple’s iPad, Microsoft Surface, or Android tablets.

  • Quickly deploys to various tablets and facilitates 100% regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce dependency on paper, eliminate the weight of flight bags, and lower fuel consumption and fuel costs by efficiently deploying flight operations and company manuals to the iPad
  • Give your flight crews fast access to the most current information available by rapidly deploying information to thousands of iPad users across geographically dispersed locations
  • Make it easier for crews to find the right information quickly by letting them make personal notes and adding bookmarks in digital manuals
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance and reporting by automatically tracking and auditing crew acknowledgment of updates and changes
  • Improve the consistency and accuracy of flight operations and company manuals by using a single source of reusable information
  • Make it easier for authors to create, edit, and disseminate information by using a streamlined workflow and implementing version control using a content management system

Flatirons MRO Edition

The Flatirons MRO Edition manages aerospace technical information to meet the specific needs of technicians and workers in maintenance repair organizations. Airlines and MRO repair stations can easily manage their end-to-end content lifecycle management of technical manuals, libraries, engineering orders, service bulletins, task cards, and visit packages. You always get the right information at the right time to the right people.

  • Maintenance program tasks – Work in an intuitive, browser-based environment to create, edit, search, and report on tasks to establish and maintain approved maintenance programs.
  • Job cards – Create, edit, and search job cards used to perform routine maintenance. Reuse content from manuals and other work cards to eliminate duplication and increase efficiency.
  • Mobility – Electronically sign off and track work card completion to improve productivity and reduce the cost of printing, scanning, and storing hard copies; Supplement electronic sign-off with valuable user feedback in data field entries; Instantly create non-routine tasks and automatically carry forward and track accomplishment and reconciliation.
  • Engineering projects – Create collections of engineering job cards to accomplish required inspections and modifications using intuitive Web forms.
  • Service Bulletins – Convert SB work sections into job cards to eliminate the re-keying of instructional content.
  • Maintenance Visit Management – Import maintenance visit requirements from existing scheduling systems. Automatically assemble required job cards based on visit requirements. Batch print maintenance visits to system printers using the included print management server. Build, assemble, and launch the execution of printed or electronic work packages.
  • Coordinated access to panel open/close, Auto-populate access to panel cards during visit creation; only panels required for that visit will be listed, along with the list of job cards requiring access through that panel

Contact us today to schedule a solution demonstration.

Seabury Solutions

Alkym® is the integrated modular MRO software offered by Seabury Solutions. Each customer can select from the list of 18 modules available to cater for their own specific organisation.

The current module listing within Alkym® includes, among others, the following:

Alkym® is not only the most affordable MRO software solution currently available but also the best option in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Implementation Service 
Seabury Solutions applies a unique implementation methodology based on the best industry and project management practices. Software implementations are carried out by highly-qualified professional teams which consist of a Project Managers, Project Engineers and IT specialists. Each member has a deep understanding of aviation / aeronautical maintenance practices which guides the customers through to a successful implementation project.

Over the course of more than a decade we have successfully implemented over 60 clients in 30 different countries across the globe.
The key difference in our projects is that the average time on site is between 6 and 12 weeks.

Customer Support Service

Seabury Solutions 24 hour Customer Support Service goes beyond traditional support, maximising the value of the customer’s investment and providing a strategic service relationship focused on a long-term success.

Customised solutions, proactive support, software updates, system performance analysis, personalised assistance, among other activities help customers better leverage their existing resources and deliver more value to their business.


EmpowerMX has been developing software solutions since 1999. The solutions are marketed under the FleetCycle® brand and provide functionality that covers all aspects relating to maintenance, repair and overhaul of high value assets. Since its inception, EmpowerMX has focused on the aviation sector with most of the major US airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Eagle, now using the FleetCycle® solution. EmpowerMX partners with customers, contracting to achieve significant benefits by using FleetCycle® within the customer environments.

EmpowerMX currently markets 4 solutions – FleetCycle® AERO, FleetCycle® MRO, FleetCycle® OEM and FleetCycle® DEF which covers Airline companies, Maintenance organizations, Manufacturers and Defense companies. Each solution is built on a modular basis and is comprised from the following list of modules:

  • FCXP – base maintenance execution,
  • FCXL – line maintenance execution,
  • FCMM – materials management and supply chain,
  • FCMPM – maintenance program management and technical records,
  • FCPM – short and long term planning
  • FCELB – electronic logbook

In addition to the above solutions, each of the modules can operate on their own or with other 3rd party software.
Each module has been developed to ensure it operates in both a desk and mobile environment, ensuring customers can realize the benefits of a mobile-ready workforce. A number of customers are now implementing the mobile solutions, operating with less paper and an almost paperless environment. The electronic signatures incorporated throughout the modules enables customers to gain significant benefits through an improved business process.
FleetCycle® is generally delivered and accessed through the cloud which is EmpowerMX’s preferred method of deployment. For any customers wishing to host the software themselves, EmpowerMX can also help facilitate and advise on this option.
During each implementation, EmpowerMX encourage customers to measure the benefits that might be achieved after implementation by a comparison of a before and after FleetCycle®. To date, EmpowerMX have achieved an improvement in efficiency of between 15% and 25%.


IDMR is a global provider of easy to use and all encompassing Technical Documentation Management Solutions which have been designed exclusively for Fleet operators, MRO providers and OEM organizations. IDMR’s Technical Documentation Management Solutions have proven success in increasing operational performance and decreasing operational cost while insuring airworthiness, safety and regulatory compliance at multiple airlines such as Atlas Air, Polar Air, JetBlue and World Airways among others.

Technical documents, which are constantly changing, are the primary source of aircraft, engine and component reference information. On-going revisions and updates by manufacturers, vendors and airline personnel add more complexity in controlling these documents. Failing to follow manufactures, vendors and regulatory agencies approved maintenance repair and overhaul procedures can result in poor quality or worse, non-compliance fines. Without a centralized approach to Technical Documentation Management, information documents are usually stored in multiple places and version control is lacking. In many cases different automated tools are used to create and maintain proper record keeping, creating a process that is extremely time consuming and in some cases inaccurate.

InForm is a document management program written to satisfy tight airline regulatory requirements. It will allow you to author and maintain virtually any document, further enabling you to adjust its properties to better suit your business’ profile. InForm has state of the art tools which allow seamless integration to OEMs and M&E Systems. InForm is completely paperless which makes creation of cards highly efficient and requires minimal technical expertise. InForm takes advantage of latest OEM digital Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) and Task Card data (AMM). The maintenance program including the entire set of OEM cards can be easily loaded into the application, thereby avoiding the time consuming process of keying them in from scratch. Individual task cards and entire service packages are posted on the company website for a vendor to retrieve and print. InForm has the unique ability to combine the functionalities of conventional document management systems with customized applications. Many time consuming and sometimes impossible tasks are now possible with this combination. The following modules have been added to InForm’s suite.

  • Technical Library (TC)
  • Job Cards (WC)
  • Engineering Orders (EO)
  • Service Packages (PP)
  • Inspection Program (MIP)
  • Non Routines (NR)
  • Maintenance Log Pages (MLP)
  • Flight Log Page (FLP)
  • Vendor Audits (VA)
  • Safety Audits (SA)
  • Package Optimizer (PO)
  • Records Capture (RC)

Manual Viewing and authoring (partial list)

  • AMM
  • IPC
  • WDM
  • SRM
  • SB/AD

IDMR’s Aviation Services group develops customized airline modules, designed to fit structured documentation needs. We provide turn-key and custom-built solutions that are highly scalable, adaptable and can easily integrate with other enterprise applications. IDMR takes pride in its ability to create an application that is so dynamic that each customer feels like it is designed specifically for their needs.

Key Benefits

  • 100% customizable template and data entry screens
  • Regulatory compliance & reliability of information insured
  • Airline specific business rules and procedures
  • Web portal allows access to technical documents whether they originated from OEM, FAA or internally
  • OEMs and M&E integration
  • Material Reports such as expendables and consumables with unparalleled oversight
  • Non-Routines module which provides the operator with comprehensive tools to ensure they are in control
  • Bidding packages
  • Costs & increased operation efficiency & productivity reduction in
    • Airline offices
    • Hangars
    • Line Stations
    • Shops
    • Warehouses
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Man-Hour requirements and forecasting tools
  • Strict Revision control
  • Regulatory requirement SOX and FAA
  • Automated Workflows
  • Import/Export options
  • Overall processes for managing & distributing technical documentation improvement, including:
    • User interface that ensures the most efficient & productive data entry screens
    • The ability to eliminate hard copy manuals
    • The ability to route documents via a work flow process
    • The ability to electronically search & locate a document or manual
    • The ability to view & reference multiple manuals in one application
    • The ability to manage component maintenance manuals
    • The ability to deliver current, customized & complete content on demand over the web

InForm can be customized and has the ability to integrate with most applications. Each Operator has full control on how their documents look and feel. We pride ourselves in duplicating your current forms; your JobCard layout can remain exactly the same, your EO will look like they always did. Allowing this level of flexibility gives IDMR an edge over our competitors. We don’t change the way you do business! We just add new technologies to it!

Ultramain Systems

Ultramain Systems delivers SIMPLE MOBILE PAPERLESS M&E / MRO and electronic logbook (ELB) software for the aviation industry. ULTRAMAIN v9 is a comprehensive suite of integrated planning, maintenance and supply software featuring new technology, Web-based capabilities and mobile applications. ULTRAMAIN MRO / M&E software integrates with ULTRAMAIN ELB, the easy-to-use ELB software which operates on installed or mobile EFBs. Together these tools can transform your organization to a full paperless operation. Contact us to see what the simplicity of ULTRAMAIN software, along with mobile applications such as Mobile Mechanic, Mobile Inventory, Mobile Executive and ULTRAMAIN ELB can do to improve your operation and your bottom line.