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Latest eJournal

Aircraft IT OPS Issue 59: Spring 2024

> CASE STUDY: Sky Airline finds more efficient way to plan flights and save fuel costs
Yonathan Perelmuter, Chief Technical Pilot, Sky Airline
> CASE STUDY: Jekta gets the latest in digital documentation
George Alafinov, CEO and co-Founder of Jekta
Marc Rauch, co-Founder and CBO of Yonder

> CASE STUDY: The Blueprint of a Digital Fueling Process
Christian Mietz, Emissions Monitoring & Fuel-IT at Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Claudio Corfú, First Officer Boeing 777 with SWISS International Airlines

> CASE STUDY: Introducing and integrating a new performance solution at Air Nostrum
Juan Diaz, Head of Flight Support, Air Nostrum
> CASE STUDY: Real-time flight path optimization at Volaris
Luis Fernandez San Miguel, Fuel Efficiency Manager, Volaris
David Rytter, CEO, AVTECH
> CASE STUDY: Viva Aerobus gets to grips with digitally powered fuel efficiency
Nancy Madrigal, Head of Fuel Conservation – VIVA AEROBUS
> WHITE PAPER: One communications platform for all purposes
Trent McCabe – Sales Manager and SME, Smart4Aviation
> VENDOR FLIGHT LOG: Lufthansa Systems

Latest News

Industry News and Updates

    17 May 2024


FLYHT and MBS officially partner to enable data loading solution to fully comply with new security requirements

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions today announced a partnership with MBS Electronic Systems GmbH & Co. KG  (“MBS”), a leading provider of secure data loading solutions that enable compliant avionics software maintenance and safer flight operations. The two companies have been collaborating to develop a secure wireless avionics software and onboard data loading solution, and today announced the official partnership to bring that solution to the market.

    14 May 2024


Pioneering sustainable aviation: Philippine Airlines pilots embrace SkyBreathe® OnBoard for eco-friendly flying, a first in Asia

The country flag carrier has announced its partnership with OpenAirlines, the leading provider of fuel management solutions for airlines to integrate SkyBreathe® OnBoard into its operations. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the airline’s commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

    2 May 2024

    NAVBLUE, An Airbus Company

Republic Airways successfully launches NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning solution, first phase of a long-term collaboration for OCC solutions

NAVBLUE and Republic Airways, one of the largest regional airlines in North America, have successfully launched NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning (N-FP) solution, marking the completion of the first phase of the technology collaboration between both companies