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TrustFlight Introduces Smarter Workflows for Maintenance and Flight Ops Teams with Traxxall Integration

ANAHEIM, CA, Feb. 27, 2024 – TrustFlight, a technology innovator focused on digitization of the aviation industry, today announced a new integration with JSSI’s Traxxall, an aircraft maintenance tracking and inventory system. The integration brings flight operations and maintenance teams closer through TrustFlight’s leading Electronic Logbook (ELB) software. ​

“At TrustFlight, we place a significant importance on developing integrations that lead to improved data reliability for smarter decision-making and improved safety,” said Luke Franklin, Product Manager, TrustFlight. “Our collaboration with JSSI exemplifies our commitment to an open platform within our suite of solutions and we’re excited to introduce our Traxxall integration so operators can get more from the technologies they rely on daily.”

The integration enables seamless two-way data syncing for Maintenance Checks (Due Lists) and Workpacks (Workplanners), as well as one-way syncing for Defects (Snags) and Totals (Actuals) for enhanced data accuracy, improved safety and efficiency, better compliance management, and improved aircraft availability. It also links user accounts for seamless traceability, meeting compliance and audit requirements. 

Prior to the integration, there was a delay for data to populate into Traxxall as users were required to manually enter and cross-check data between the Electronic Logbook and maintenance tracking system. The integration of TrustFlight’s ELB with Traxxall streamlines these workflows, enhancing data accuracy, improving safety, and increasing operational efficiency by automating the exchange of information.

“Aircraft management begins with accurate data and technology to make decision making easier and smarter,” said Mark Steinbeck, Chief Commercial Officer, JSSI Maintenance Software. “Through this integration, our joint customers benefit from real-time data feeds between systems, and we’re excited about this collaboration.”

TrustFlight’s ELB enables fully-digital workflows for crew and maintenance personnel by automating vital information to greatly enhance speed and accuracy while reducing man-hours required. The TrustFlight Integration Platform today hosts more than 20 integrations from leading applications used by operators around the world. 

To learn more about TrustFlight’s ecosystem of digital solutions and services, please visit www.trustflight.com. To learn more about Traxxall, please visit www.traxxall.com

About TrustFlight Ltd.

TrustFlight is a digital technology innovator that specializes in the aerospace and aviation domain. The company’s best-in-class solutions and services provide an added layer of safety, efficiency, and insight to everyone involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft. With over 70,000 active users, TrustFlight’s industry-leading suite of solutions include an Electronic Logbook (ELB), Safety and Quality Management System (SMS/QMS), Reliability Analytics software, the innovative MEL Manager, and aviation Technical Services for continuing airworthiness. Originally founded by two commercial pilots, TrustFlight has grown to become a global firm supporting a wide variety of airlines, airports, regulators, maintenance providers, and business aviation operators around the world. To learn more, visit www.trustflight.com and follow @TrustFlight on LinkedIn and X. 

For Media Inquiries
Reuben Mann
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Trax announces agreement to provide its eMRO and eMobility software and other cloud services to Archer Aviation

February 20, 2024 – Trax, a leading global provider of paperless aviation maintenance and engineering software products, announced that it has entered into an agreement with leading electric aviation  company, Archer Aviation. Archer will leverage Trax’s web-based enterprise eMRO system and eMobility apps and Trax’s cloud hosting services to manage its planned electric air taxi operations.

Trax’s advanced, modular, web-based solution for aviation maintenance and supply chain management will enable Archer’s real-time administration of production, planning, engineering, inventory, technical records, orders, and reliability processes. Operating in Trax’s secure, reliable, and paperless environment will support Archer’s goals to quickly build a safe, efficient, nimble, compliant and high performing air taxi operation. 

The relationship with Archer expands Trax’s global customer base to include the electric aviation      market and holds potential for growth as electric aviation matures and Archer’s air taxi service takes flight.

“Trax will allow Archer to safely and efficiently scale deployment of our electric air taxi service.  Implementation of Trax is a key building block of our operational ecosystem and will provide our      technical operations team and pilots an industry leading system to manage the operation,” said Archer’s COO of Urban Air Mobility, Tom Anderson.

“Trax is pleased to partner with Archer, a leader in the emerging electric aviation aftermarket,” said Andrew Schmidt, Trax’s Executive Vice President. “Trax’s eMRO and eMobility products will enable Archer’s air taxi service to be completely paperless on day-one and help the company achieve its goals through operational efficiency, streamlined processes, and a highly productive workforce.”

About Trax:
Trax is the premier provider of aviation maintenance mobile and cloud products in the global aviation market and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAR CORP. Trax products support digital signatures, paperless working, including workpacks and manuals, RFID-capability for logistics, biometric security, offline capability for its suite of mobile apps, web-based applications, and the ability for users to work anywhere with easy access to real-time information. Through its eMRO and eMobility products, Trax provides comprehensive software solutions designed to manage all aspects of aircraft maintenance.  For more information, visit https://trax.aero/.

Contact: Maureen Coletta 

Phone: +1-305-662-7400 X630 

Email: maureen.coletta@trax.aero

Magnetic Group selects AMOS

At a glance

  • AMOS MRO edition offers “pure-play” MRO functions to Magnetic Group
  • Multi-entity features will facilitate financial independence and transactions between entities.
  • Easy data exchange via AMOScentral between Magnetic Group and their customers within the AMOS Community

Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) is delighted to announce its partnership with Magnetic Group, a fast-growing aviation company and leading MRO service provider based in Tallinn, Estonia, in integrating AMOS as its new Maintenance & Engineering solution. This strategic collaboration underscores Magnetic Group’s dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining maintenance processes across its operations.

Following an extensive assessment, Magnetic Group has chosen AMOS due to its functional depth, cutting-edge technology, and Swiss-AS’ expertise. Trusting in Swiss-AS’ history of over 200 successful implementations, the MRO provider is prepared to transition from its legacy systems and embrace AMOS’ best practices.

Magnetic Group has opted for the AMOS MRO Edition – which extends the scope of AMOS features with “pure-play” MRO-functions – demonstrating a significant commitment to optimising their maintenance management capabilities. The project is estimated to be completed within 12-14 months, representing a pivotal milestone in Magnetic Group’s technological advancement initiative.

“Choosing AMOS was driven by its reliability and the efficiency it offers through integration with our AI solutions and seamless data sharing with partners. This enhances our operational transparency and decision-making, streamlining processes and improving cooperation across our supply chain,” stated Jan Kotka, COO at Magnetic Group.

The implementation strategy comprises multiple phases, with Phase 1 focusing on deploying AMOS across Magnetic MRO’s operations, Phase 2 will involve the addition of a dedicated entity for Magnetic Line. The “Multi-Entity” functions in AMOS will enable Magnetic Group to facilitate the consolidation of financially independent entities within one system, offering independent financial management, centralised logistics modules, entity-specific financial tracking, and the ability to manage transactions between entities.

In order to guarantee a swift and seamless implementation project, Swiss-AS will provide a complete array of project services. Magnetic Group will adopt a comprehensive “Train-the-Trainer” approach for technicians, facilitating knowledge transfer and empowering employees to leverage AMOS’s full potential effectively.

One of the key advantages of Magnetic Group joining the AMOS community is the seamless exchange of information and synergies it fosters. With many of their customers already utilising AMOS, this integration will facilitate data exchange via AMOScentral and enhanced collaboration in managing work packages and maintenance operations.

Furthermore, the decision by Magnetic Group to adopt AMOS was heavily influenced by the software’s robust connectivity to external systems, which emerged as a strong requirement during their evaluation process. AMOS’ seamless integration capabilities with various external platforms and systems not only align with Magnetic Group’s current operational infrastructure but also provide the flexibility needed to adapt to future technological advancements. This emphasis on connectivity ensures that Magnetic Group can leverage the full potential of AMOS while maintaining interoperability with their existing software ecosystem, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and data integrity across their maintenance processes.

The collaboration between Swiss-AS and Magnetic Group represents a significant milestone in Magnetic Group’s journey toward operational excellence and underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional MRO services to its customers worldwide.

About Magnetic Group

MAGNETIC GROUP–– External Link keeps the aviation business running with its suite of products for airlines, MROs, manufacturers, and asset owners. Its business is divided into four distinctive sectors:
MAGNETIC CREATIVE provides design and manufacturing services for both aircraft interior and exterior. MAGNETIC ASSETS provides aircraft with engines, landing gears for lease, engine transportation stands, and spare parts and components solutions. MAGNETIC MAINTENANCE provides aircraft line maintenance, base maintenance, and aircraft engine repair and management. MAGNETIC TALENTS offers a full range of engineering and CAMO services, together with various industry-related EASA Part-147 trainings. 

About Swiss AviationSoftware and AMOS

AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated MRO software solution being developed and distributed by Swiss AviationSoftware. Swiss-AS, a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik, has more than 200 customers worldwide and belongs to the industry-leading MRO software providers. Our loyal customer base includes pure operators of all sizes, major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, large airline groups and MRO providers. 

Trax’s eMRO and TraxDoc solutions selected by Singapore Airlines

MIAMI, February 19, 2024 – Trax, a leading global provider of paperless aviation maintenance and engineering software products, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Singapore Airlines (SIA) to provide its eMRO and TraxDoc solutions to support SIA’s evolving digital documentation needs.

SIA determined the Trax products fulfill SIA’s requirements for generating maintenance work instructions and related technical documentation through a comprehensive enterprise solution. SIA will use Trax’s eMRO to streamline the process of authoring, approving, and packaging maintenance tasks. The addition of the TraxDoc solution will afford complementary benefits by importing OEM and other content, enabling the automated creation of digital task cards and relevant data without the need to manage additional databases.

“Trax is honored to provide the advanced technological software solutions that aid SIA in its digital transformation of its technical documentation requirements,” said Jose Almeida, Trax’s President. “This agreement further accelerates our growth in Asia-Pacific and more strongly positions us to support other airlines in the region who are considering replacing their legacy maintenance systems with commercially available off-the-shelf cloud and mobile software solutions like Trax.”

About Trax: Trax is the premier provider of aviation maintenance mobile and cloud products in the global aviation market and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AAR CORP. Trax products support digital signatures, paperless working, including workpacks and manuals, RFID-capability for logistics, biometric security, offline capability for its suite of mobile apps, web-based applications, and the ability for users to work anywhere with easy access to real-time information. Through its eMRO and eMobility products, Trax provides comprehensive software solutions designed to manage all aspects of aircraft maintenance.  For more information, visit https://trax.aero/.

Contact: Maureen Coletta 

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Email: maureen.coletta@trax.aero

TAP Air Portugal Has Partnered With QOCO Systems Ltd To Enhance Their Tool Management

We are delighted to announce a strategic collaboration between TAP Air Portugal, the foremost airline of Portugal, and QOCO Systems Ltd. This partnership is set to bring added value to both TAP Air Portugal and QOCO Systems Ltd, and we are thrilled to see our collaboration with TAP develop.

With MROTools.io, TAP Air Portugal’s maintenance team will have the power to transform their operations and achieve unparalleled control and transparency. This innovative technology presents unprecedented possibilities for success in today’s highly competitive market.

QOCO applications have some key features that TAP Air Portugal is currently exploring. These features include:

  • Efficient Tool Store Management: MROTools.io simplifies store management by providing a centralized platform for inventory control, availability, advanced tool search, and tracking.
  • Seamless Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing maintenance processes and systems for a unified experience.
  • Enhanced Security: Incorporates state-of-the-art security protocols ensuring data protection and user privacy.
  • Versatile Functionality: Offers a diverse range of functionalities catering to different user requirements.

According to TAP Maintenance & Engineering“TAP has safety and operational excellence at the forefront of every decision we make. Our aim is to purchase the best-of-breed applications that offer the best in safety and reliability for our engineers and customers. MROTools.io allows TAP to enhance its tool control to a level never experienced before. With full integration to AMOS and after a detailed selection process, we selected QOCO’s MROTools.io to fulfil our operational needs.”

“We are very proud to have been selected by TAP to enhance their tooling control with MROtool.io. TAP has been a leading airline since its conception in 1945 and thus has decades of engineering knowledge and process understanding. TAP selected MROtools.ioto enhance its AMOS M&E system, offering hassle-free bi-directional integrations to enhance its engineering experience and offer unrivalled tool control. We are proud to have TAP join the QOCO customer community that spans over 40 of the world’s leading Airlines/MROs and OEM facilities.” – Says Andy Graham, CCO & Partner at QOCO Systems Ltd.

About TAP

TAP Air Portugal is the leading airline of Portugal, operating since 1945. The airline is headquartered in Lisbon, which is strategically located at the crossroads with Africa, North, Central, and South America. TAP is known for being the fifth safest airline in the world and the safest in Europe, according to Airline Ratings. The airline flies to over 90 destinations in 36 countries using its Airbus fleet, which includes the A330, A340, A320 families for long and medium-haul trips. For closer destinations, the airline uses Embraer 190/195 aircraft.

TAP Maintenance & Engineering

TAP Maintenance & Engineering is the technical unit of TAP that provides maintenance services to TAP’s own aircraft as well as to third parties. The unit is located in Lisbon, Portugal, and is staffed with highly qualified technicians and engineering personnel. The services provided by the unit include aircraft maintenance for Airbus, Engine and components Repair and Overhaul, CAMO and Engineering Services, Technical Laboratories, and Training.

About QOCO

QOCO Systems Ltd is a Finnish software company specialising in the aviation industry. QOCO Systems’ clientele includes prominent names such as Rolls-Royce, Finnair, and numerous other airlines around the Globe. Employing over 40 professionals in aviation and software, QOCO is experiencing strong business growth. Read more: https://www.qoco.aero/about-qoco.

For more information, please contact:

Chris Henner, Business Development Director
+353 873 810 445

Andy Graham, Chief Commercial Officer – Partner
+353 877 373 083

Ilari Neitola, Founder
+358 503 063 318

Avianca successfully migrates to AMOScloud

At a glance:

  • One of the largest carriers in Latin America, showcasing the scale of the migration project.
  • A long-time user of AMOS, Avianca’s decision to shift to a cloud-hosted solution stemmed from a strategic desire to harness the advantages of cloud technology.
  • The move to cloud hosting was driven by the need for enhanced scalability, cost-effectiveness, and operational agility.

In a landmark achievement, Avianca, a prominent Latin American airline, has brilliantly completed the migration of AMOS, its aircraft maintenance software, from an on-premises setup to a cloud-based solution hosted on Google Cloud by Swiss-AS. This transition to AMOScloud represents more than just a technical upgrade; it marks a significant leap in Avianca’s digital transformation journey.

Benefits of AMOScloud Migration:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The shift to SaaS significantly reduces infrastructure costs, providing Avianca with more financial flexibility and efficiency.
  • Scalability: Cloud hosting allows Avianca to effortlessly scale AMOS usage as per their evolving requirements.
  • Operational Continuity and low risks: The migration, meticulously planned and executed, ensured no disruption for the approximately 500 concurrent users, demonstrating the non-impactful nature of this digital transition.

The project spanned 7 months, featuring meticulous planning and execution. Both teams invested substantial efforts throughout the project activities. Their dedication and collaboration were instrumental in achieving this milestone.
The project included stages like database and web drive migration, report cleansing and migration, custom SQL conversion, and integration with various systems such as LIDO, NetLine, SAP, Modula, MS Azure, Skywise, and Aviatar. The overall scope encompassed a database, over 300 customized reports, and numerous SQL migrations from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Swiss-AS, renowned for their proficiency in managing AMOS and associated databases, executed the migration with remarkable accuracy. The main activities, commencing Friday (December 8th) at 22:00 (BOG Time), culminated in an 18-hour operation, with the core database and webdrive transition completed in just 4 hours. Despite a minor delay, the switch was seamless, underscoring the robust planning and execution.

The success of this migration is due to the exceptional support received throughout the weekend. Special mention goes to our team members who played a key role in communicating with Avianca, monitoring the infrastructure and network remotely, providing support for AOS services and printers (around 200), contributing expertise in performance tuning, and providing background support that instilled confidence in the processes and automation.

“In 2022, Avianca started its “Journey to Cloud” project, investing significant effort and resources on migrating all its applications to the cloud. AMOS, our core maintenance application, and whose infrastructure was on premise, also migrated to the Google cloud in 2023, in a joint collaboration with Swiss-AS. The migration was successful and almost imperceptible to end users. For Avianca, having a partner like Swiss-AS in this process has been very valuable, making the migration of AMOS to the cloud a transition without critical operational impact and with effective and dedicated support during stabilisation.” says Avianca.

About Avianca

Avianca is the leading airline in Colombia, Ecuador, Central America and has one of the largest airline operations in Latin America with 125 routes, 3,800 weekly flights and a fleet of more than 110 Airbus 320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft, connecting to around 65 destinations in the Americas and Europe. Avianca has maintenance facilities in Colombia, Ecuador, Miami, San Jose Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. Avianca’s operational and maintenance expertise is a reflection of its long-standing history and commitment to aviation excellence in Latin America.

About Swiss Aviation Software & AMOS

Swiss-AS as an industry leading M&E / MRO software provider offers an end-to-end integrated, highly intelligent software suite, designed to cover the management of the entire spectrum of maintenance activities. AMOS in combination with its mobile package empowers its large and loyal aviation customer base – ranging from pure operators of all sizes, over major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, and large airline groups to MRO providers – to digitalise and automate their maintenance processes and connect with other industry solutions beyond the boundaries of AMOS via the data messaging platform AMOScentral.

Asia Digital Engineering goes for AMOS

At a glance

  • – Modular AMOS software package to serve specific needs of ADE.
  • – A digital-oriented company leveraging cutting-edge AMOS technologies. 
  • – Achieved greater synergy and efficiency between ADE and Air Asia.

Swiss-AS is pleased to announce its successful collaboration with Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), a leading aircraft engineering and maintenance service provider.  Headquartered in Malaysia, ADE offers a range of specialised services, encompassing line & base maintenance, component & warehouse services, and comprehensive engineering support services.

To set the context, it is noteworthy that ADE was formerly AirAsia’s engineering department. In the year 2020, a strategic decision was made to establish it as an independent entity, subsequently named Asia Digital Engineering (ADE). Presently, ADE proudly stands as the distinguished engineering provider to the world’s best low-cost airline and extends its specialised services to other airlines in the industry. 

Moving from an airline engineering department to a CAMO and MRO service provider, ADE naturally opted for AMOS to benefit from a solution tailored to its specific needs.

By leveraging the modularity, scalability, and overall quality of AMOS, ADE is now equipped with all the modules necessary to deliver high-quality services in the MRO industry. The digitally oriented company will also take advantage of the mobility solution offered by AMOS, since AMOSmobile/STORES will be used daily by storemen, facilitating their day-to-day operations via a mobile device.

In addition to specific modules and mobile solutions, ADE will also benefit from specific interfaces. Notably, the implementation of the digital workpackage cycle (encompassing the Transfer MRO workpackages & Transfer MRO results) will enable ADE to leverage plug-and-play configurations via AMOScentral, streamlining the process and enabling real-time sharing and evaluation of findings to customer airlines.

This will eliminate the paper burden in the administrative management of workpackages for both the MRO and the airlines, also avoiding duplication of technical recording activities between the two entities. 

Beyond these advancements, there is further potential for collaboration in the area of ADE’s innovative digital solutions such as the AEROTRADE marketplace, which aims to transform the aircraft parts procurement processes and the ELEVADE suite of operational applications that covers everything from aircraft to workforce management. These solutions optimise efficiency, streamline operations, and enhance overall aviation performance. With AMOS native integration, ADE aims to provide even better user and operational experiences to the industry players.

Adnan Mansur, Head of Digital & Innovation of ADE said “We are pleased to announce our transformative collaboration with Swiss AviationSoftware, a leader in aviation technology. This strategic partnership signifies a pivotal moment in ADE’s ongoing evolution, solidifying our position as a leading provider of aircraft engineering and maintenance services in Asia. The adoption of AMOS, with its modular and scalable features, equips us to deliver high-quality MRO services. This partnership marks a significant step forward, reinforcing our dedication to cutting-edge technologies and enhancing our ability to deliver innovative engineering services to benefit our clients across the aviation industry”.

Pierluigi Calu, Head of Swiss Aviation Software Asia Pacific said “The successful collaboration with Asia Digital Engineering (ADE) marks a moment of great satisfaction in our enduring partnership with Air Asia. The improved synergy and efficiency that ADE and Air Asia will achieve, showcase the transformative impact of adopting our AMOS software, particularly in streamlining operations with the implementation of the digital workpackage cycle and the integration of our mobility solution, AMOSmobile/STORES. Eliminating paper burdens and enhancing real-time collaboration, this collaboration exemplifies our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the aviation industry!

About Asia Digital Engineering (ADE)

Founded in September 2020, ADE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capital A Berhad, based in Klia2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ADE leverages the AirAsia’s Engineering Department’s best practices and unsurpassed combined experience in the region. ADE offers a range of aircraft services focused on the Airbus A320, A321 & A330 for engineering maintenance services, component and warehouse services, and engineering support services.

Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities and our vast experience in airline engineering managing the world’s best low-cost airline, ADE aims to uphold the highest standards when it comes to professional integrity, quality, and reliability, driving greater efficiencies and safety, for all of our customers at all times.

About Swiss AviationSoftware and AMOS

Swiss-AS as an industry-leading M&E / MRO software provider offers an end-to-end integrated, highly intelligent software suite, designed to cover the management of the entire spectrum of maintenance activities. AMOS in combination with its mobile package empowers its large and loyal aviation customer base – ranging from pure operators of all sizes, over major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, and large airline groups to MRO providers – to digitalise and automate their maintenance processes and connect with other industry solutions beyond the boundaries of AMOS via the data messaging platform AMOS central.

Norse Atlantic Airways Partners with EXSYN for Advanced Aircraft Data Management

Oslo, Norway – Amsterdam, the Netherlands [January 2024]: Norse Atlantic Airways, a pioneer in the aviation industry, has announced a significant step forward in its maintenance and engineering operations by onboarding EXSYN’s cutting-edge aircraft data management platform. This strategic move will see Norse Atlantic Airways deploying AVILYTICS, EXSYN’s advanced analytics and reporting tool, within their maintenance and engineering organization.

The integration of AVILYTICS with Norse’s existing Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System, AMOS, alongside various other systems, marks a significant addition to Norse’s operational capabilities. This synergy will streamline processes and enhance data-driven decision-making.

AVILYTICS is renowned for its wide range of pre-built dashboards, which provide comprehensive insights into aircraft health, maintenance efficiency, and operational readiness. Additionally, Norse will benefit from AVILYTICS’ developer module, which offers the flexibility to create custom dashboards and reports tailored to specific operational needs.

A key aspect of this partnership is EXSYN’s unique capability in data exchange and integration. This feature enables seamless connectivity between disparate systems, ensuring that Norse Atlantic Airways can leverage a unified view of its fleet’s data landscape. This integration not only simplifies data management but also adds to the accuracy and efficiency of Norse’s maintenance & engineering processes.

We are excited to work with EXSYN and their AVILYTICS software. We have just started the project, and what we have seen already is impressive”, said Ole Holmsten, Head of Engineering at Norse Atlantic Airways.

We are thrilled to partner with Norse to bring the best of aircraft data management and analytics to their maintenance & engineering operations,” said Sander de Bree, Chief Visionary of EXSYN.

About Norse Atlantic Airways

Norse Atlantic Airways (hereby ‘Norse Atlantic’), founded by CEO and major shareholder Bjørn Tore Larsen in March 2021, is an airline specializing in low-cost, long-haul, direct flights to a range of exciting destinations on the intercontinental market, offering passengers more opportunities and flexibility to explore the world. Headquartered in Arendal, Norway, Norse Atlantic ASA, a publicly traded company listed on the Euronext Expand Exchange in Oslo, Norway, is the parent company of Norse Atlantic Airways AS and Norse Atlantic UK LTD. Norse Atlantic Airways AS holds two Air Operator’s Certificates (AOCs), one in Norway and one in the UK. Norse Atlantic fleet includes 15 modern, fuel-efficient, and more environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliners that serve destinations including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Barbados, Montego Bay, Bangkok, Oslo, London, Berlin, Rome, and Paris. The company’s first flight took off from Oslo to New York on 14th June 2022.

About EXSYN Aviation Solutions

EXSYN Aviation Solutions is a leading industry provider of aircraft data quality management, reporting, and analytics solutions tailored for aircraft maintenance and engineering. An important factor in enabling digitization, improving efficiency, and saving costs is data management. This has resulted in the best-in-class aircraft airworthiness data management platform. At the heart of our platform are two core applications: NEXUS and AVILYTICS.

AVILYTICS is EXSYN’s Reliability Management and Predictive Analytics product. This advanced tool empowers airlines to transcend operational challenges by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and significantly elevating both aircraft reliability and availability. AVILYTICS is not just a predictive analytics solution; it is a strategic asset that transforms data into actionable insights, enabling airlines to make informed decisions that impact their bottom line positively.

NEXUS, our Airworthiness Data Quality Management product, serves as a comprehensive solution tailored for efficient data management, integration, and exchange within the complex MRO/M&E system landscape. It goes beyond conventional standards, providing a seamless and robust framework for ensuring the highest quality of aircraft data.

For more information visit https://www.exsyn.com/

Luxembourg Air Ambulance live with AMOS

At a glance

  • – Successful implementation project overcoming Covid-19 challenges
  • – AMOS 22.12 now live and running on Luxembourg Air Ambulance’s 14-aircraft fleet 
  • – AMOS Airline edition to adhere to highest safety standards while outsourcing operational management of AMOS to Swiss-AS AMOS Operational Services (AOS)

Swiss-AS is pleased to announce the success of our collaboration with Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA), a renowned operator of life-saving helicopters. LAA is currently renewing its 14 aircraft fleet, consisting of MD 902 helicopters, Airbus Helicopters H145D3 and Learjet 45 jets, as well as a new Challenger 605, and is now successfully live and running with AMOS 22.12. 

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Milestones

The journey to this achievement was not an easy one, as it involved transitioning from their legacy system to AMOS amidst the challenges and disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. After almost 3 years of project, LAA’s achievement, despite the obstacles and challenges, is a major milestone that we are proud to have been part of. 

The AMOS implementation project unfolded with the switch-off of the legacy system and its migration to AMOS, marking a pivotal moment in their operational processes. Since then, the system has been operating successfully with no significant issues reported. 

Elevating Safety Standards with AMOS Airline Edition

LAA chose the Airline Edition of AMOS, running on the PostgreSQL database, to meet their specific maintenance requirements and ensure the highest standards of safety in their daily operations. They have also outsourced the management of their operations to our AMOS Operational Services (AOS) in order to further enhance their capabilities.

Today, nearly 50 users at LAA are using the new system and its integrated set of standard features. This enables them to efficiently provide line/light and base maintenance services for their own fleet, as well as for any leased equipment, all while adhering to the strictest safety and maintenance standards in the industry.

Swiss-AS applauds Luxembourg Air Ambulance for their dedication to providing the highest level of service to the community and their unwavering commitment to safety, especially during these challenging times. This successful transition to AMOS 22.12 is illustrates our shared vision of excellence in aircraft maintenance and operations.

As we move forward together, Swiss-AS remains committed to providing ongoing support and innovative solutions to help LAA further enhance its capabilities. We look forward to a successful and long lasting partnership with Luxembourg Air Ambulance, contributing to their life-saving efforts not only in Luxembourg but also beyond its borders.

“I am extremely pleased that the introduction of the AMOS software has now been successfully completed thanks to the joint efforts of the entire project team. Please allow me to thank everyone involved in this major project for their cooperation, commitment, and perseverance.  I am convinced that the new system will provide us with optimum support in our future work” said Sjoerd Heida, Senior Maintenance Manager at Luxembourg Air Ambulance.

About Luxembourg Air Ambulance

Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA) is one of the largest specialised air ambulance service providers in Europe, offering worldwide air ambulance repatriation with outstanding end-to-end patient care. It is a 100% subsidiary of the Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR), which is a private, humanitarian air rescue organisation based in Luxembourg and operating in the Greater Region surrounding Luxembourg or worldwide through the operation of its helicopters and air ambulances. Luxembourg Air Ambulance has a record of over 34 successful years of experience in air ambulance services with medical repatriation experience from over 150 countries worldwide, giving them one of the broadest expertise in the air ambulance industry.

About Swiss Aviation Software & AMOS

Swiss-AS as an industry leading M&E / MRO software provider offers an end-to-end integrated, highly intelligent software suite, designed to cover the management of the entire spectrum of maintenance activities. AMOS in combination with its mobile package empowers its large and loyal aviation customer base – ranging from pure operators of all sizes, over major low-cost, regional and flag carriers, and large airline groups to MRO providers – to digitalise and automate their maintenance processes and connect with other industry solutions beyond the boundaries of AMOS via the data messaging platform AMOScentral.

Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services AS selects IFS Cloud to streamline operations and strengthen asset reliability

  • IFS Cloud™ ERP, MRO solution to enable Kongsberg company to increase automation driving efficiency and build long-term asset resilience and reliability

8 January, 2024IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services AS (KAMS), a leading supplier of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services within the aviation industry for both military and civil organisations has selected IFS Cloud to streamline operational efficiency and build long-term asset resilience.

The use of IFS Cloud will enable KAMS to improve turnaround time (TAT) and reduce costs, helping to facilitate business expansion and new customer acquisition.

The comprehensive functionality of IFS Cloud will also help KAMS optimise processes for enhanced productivity, allowing it to improve resource allocation, sourcing, planning, maintenance execution, and financial reporting. Additionally, the implementation will enable the defence supplier to automate its order-to-cash process, encompassing customer quoting, planning, maintenance execution, and invoicing, and thereby removing operational silos and manual labour.

Andre Jægtvik, Acting President at KAMS, said: “We look forward to partnering with IFS, and utilising their technology in the years to come. Our industry is rapidly changing with the introduction of new technology, and we must change with it.”

KAMS is set to deploy a comprehensive suite of IFS Cloud modules including functionality for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), supply chain, projects, procurement, finance, CRM, and health safety and environment (HSE).

Once fully deployed, IFS Cloud will cater to the needs of 500 users at four sites across Norway. IFS alliance partner, CGI, will help deliver the implementation.

Ann-Kristin Sander, Managing Director Nordics, IFS, said: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with KAMS. They are not only key suppliers to the Norwegian Air Force, but they are also playing a vital role in growing NATO’s production defence capacity. At a time when the wider aerospace and defence market is undergoing rapid growth, IFS Cloud will be helping KAMS to produce more flight hours with effective operations at a reduced cost, which will in turn increase the Air Force’s availability for NATO.” 

About Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services AS
Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) has played a significant role in the Norwegian aviation industry since 1916. KAMS was established as a part of the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) at Kjeller, and was transformed into a state enterprise, 100% owned by the Ministry of Defence, in 2011. In 2019, Kongsberg (majority owner) and Patria acquired the company to make it a world class MRO provider.

KAMS has extensive capabilities in the areas of repair, overhaul and modifications and testing of components for military aircraft and helicopters. It also specialises in recycling of spare parts.

In 2019, NDLO and KAMS entered into a strategic partnership to develop the maintenance scope of military aircraft and helicopters.

About IFS

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