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iQSMS – Empowering EASA Part-145 & Part-21 Organizations

As of January 2023, safety management systems (SMS) are mandatory for all EASA Part-145 und Part-21 organizations.

The key requirement introduced by EASA Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 is the mandatory implementation and the regular monitoring and review of a safety management system.

As this change represents a significant shift in the way Part-145 and Part-21 organizations must address safety risks and manage safety across the organization, Günther Schindl, CEO of ASQS Group, stresses the benefits of using software to comply with these new requirements.

“Without question, the mandatory introduction of an SMS for Part-145 and Part-21 organizations is an important step towards increased safety and quality assurance in the aviation industry. The benefits are evident. Yet, it is also important to understand that these new requirements represent a huge challenge for many organizations, as the implementation of an SMS can be complex and time-consuming. Without a supporting software this is hardly manageable”, he explained.

ASQS specializes in the development and delivery of an integrated and intuitive quality and safety management solution that assists aviation organizations of all sizes in their hazard and occurrence reporting, audit and risk management as well as their safety performance monitoring and measurement among others.

An intuitive solution like iQSMS greatly simplifies compliance with the new requirements and provides long-term support for Part-145 and Part-21 organizations in meeting regulatory requirements and safety standards.

THAI restructures its document management processes with Web Manuals’ digital solution

Web Manuals, the world leader in digitalizing manuals for the aviation industry, is working with Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), the flag carrier in Thailand, to digitize its document management process.

By switching to Web Manuals, THAI will have immediate access to all operational and safety materials on one digital platform, which can be rapidly edited and shared throughout the airline.

“THAI employs a high volume of operational manuals, and our former document management system was becoming too rigid and complicated for us to work from effectively. Switching to Web Manuals’ user-friendly and flexible system has enabled us to make administrative cost-savings while optimizing regulatory compliance and flight safety.

“We’ve had strong support and frequent communication from the Web Manuals team, which made the onboarding process run smoothly. Since utilizing the platform, we’ve saved on staff resources and time, giving the team greater capacity to focus on other areas of business growth.”

Dusadee Vipoosirikup, document standard team lead at THAI

“It is an honor for Web Manuals to have the opportunity to work with THAI, Thailand’s flagship airline. We look forward to working together to digitize the airline’s documentation process, particularly as regional recovery continues to gain momentum. The team at THAI have been amazing to collaborate with and it’s great to see how our community in Thailand is always supporting each other”.

Emil Ahlgren, director of operations APAC, Web Manuals

THAI is the company’s biggest commercial airline customer in APAC. Now with more than 500 customers worldwide, Web Manuals serves more than 30 customers in APAC.

RecoSense AI System for Optimal Auto Resolution with Adaptive Learning

Data is the center of all modern business. Having a synchronized environment where the data from all the touch points gets updated and lets all parts of the business get an optimal result is what the future business demands.

The aviation industry handles lots of data/documents on both the ground and on the air. Especially in aircraft maintenance, hundreds & thousands of technical data will be scattered, and each engineer will have a fragment of information and knowledge about it. Maintaining all the records error-free, ensuring safety, and making the data accessible for all the teams is a stupendous task for companies in the aviation industry, and the expenses are also on the higher end of the spectrum.

AI-powered content intelligence platform lets aviation firms easily categorize scanned data, upload it to the corresponding system, create an intuitive knowledge graph, and help the different teams generate models and reports as per their requirements.

Challenges in the traditional data management

The biggest challenge in aircraft maintenance starts from the documents themselves. Each document will be in different formats like handwritten copies, images, scanned copies, unstructured information, etc.

What’s more complicated than maintaining the records is retrieving information from the records. It takes several hours of time and human resources to retrieve a piece of information based on the date, particular incident, chapters, etc. Generating maintenance requirements and allocating human resources to ensure timely delivery will also take time.

RecoSense – Aerobot is an AI-powered content intelligence solution that collects information from all unstructured data and processes them in a meaningful way so that the complex information is distilled into easy to understand format from various perspectives. As a result, the user can have a deeper understanding of the data and quickly perform the desired task.

AI-Powered Technical Knowledge Database

Knowledge is typically an indexed encyclopedia. An AI-powered knowledge graph is an interactive medium coupled with an encyclopedia, where the user can easily find what they want.

The Aerobot adopts a systematic way to start and keep the data clean in its central data platform. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning system automatically extract key information (including images) from the documents and map them to the desired data fields in the centralized system. Hence record maintenance and retrieving become simpler.

The Aerobot AI uses machine learning to identify patterns and NLP to extract the meaning. For instance, if a technical document has a task card number, images, stamps, handwritten information, and signatures, the AI bot identifies and extracts the data. Later these information will be automatically tagged and mapped to the corresponding fields in the centralized system.

The Aerobot has effective knowledge graph features that can make the aircraft maintenance process simpler and faster. Here are a few important features –

  • Semantic search – Since Aerobot extracts information using the NLP, relevant documents like OEM documents, internal documents, records of troubleshooting steps, etc., are properly linked. Hence one can easily search for data based on keywords, ATA chapters, incident descriptions, etc., and retrieve data quickly.
  • Knowledge graph- Creates associative relationships with key entities of documents and processed content. Therefore the AI can provide recommended actions and generate reports for the corresponding teams.
  • Compliance management- Auto-audit documents and data to cross-check with Reference documents and compliance standards.

With all these features, Aeorbot can be used for various applications in the aviation industry. The following are the two primary use cases related to the aircraft maintenance sector.

Virtual Technical Services Engineer (TSE)

Aerobot’s intuitive knowledge base and recommendation engine make it the best companion for technical service engineers. The AI bot can automatically identify the type of defects, historical record of defects or events, records of troubleshooting steps taken to resolve a defect, and correlates the key entities in the knowledge graph. Therefore, AI can-

  • Enable advanced search based on different ATA chapters or keywords or incident descriptions and also provide relevant interlinking to internal documents. This makes the technical follow-ups and retrieval of data more accessible for the service engineers.
  • Provide recommended actions to the technical service teams based on past knowledge and experience.

Optimal Auto-Resolution with adaptive learning

Aerobot’s advanced machine-learning capability and intelligent deep-learning methodology can automatically identify events, faults, and defects, correlate Engine-Product-Part, reports of the troubleshooting actions taken to resolve a defect, and provide an optimal solution. With the scalable interface, the Aerobot can be used for-

  • Creating necessary reports & solutions based on different user roles and requirements in the Engineering Division like Line Maintenance, Maintenance Control Centre, and Fleet Technical Management.
  • Visualize data in an easy-to-understand format to have better insights and assist the engineering team in allocating the resources better and completing the maintenance task on time.

Impacts of deploying AI-powered data intelligence

  • Helps the Operations Team troubleshoot aircraft defects, component failures, or reliability issues.
  • Effortlessly keep track of Fleet Technical Digests and Technical Follow-ups with the knowledge graph
  • Automatic error-free data extraction from the record with less human intervention
  • Proper management of resources and ensuring timely delivery
  • Improved customer satisfaction, which in turn results in customer retention & higher lifetime value
  • Systematic and timely approach boosts productivity
  • Early detection of anomalies reduces the operation cost

Aerobot is based on RecoSense’s tried and tested Docusense and Knowledge graph platform, which is being trusted by leading industry players. Enterprise-grade central data platform makes deployment on a large scale easier and keeps the data secured. The flexible infrastructure lets Aerobot adopt the custom requirements and be production-ready right out of the box.

Wheels Up Selects Comply365 for Operational Document and Compliance Management

Comply365 Platform Streamlines Operations for Growing Private Aviation Company

Beloit, WI – FEB. 16, 2023 – Aviation software leader Comply365 is excited to share its newest implemented customer, Wheels Up Experience Inc. (NYSE:UP), who is relying on Comply365’s cloud-based document and compliance management system and electronic forms to transform their digital operations. Employees across nearly every department are using Comply365’s mobile platform to view and personalize their latest operational documents, record compliance and send information back to the operation. 

Wheels Up

Wheels Up is one of the largest private aviation companies in the world – with the membership-based, on-demand charter business headquartered in New York City. In 2021, Wheels Up became the first private aviation company to be traded on the NYSE, and last year, it expanded its global reach when it acquired the UK-based global aviation services group Air Partner PLC (LSE: AIR). 

“As we’ve expanded our global operations and grown our fleet and services, the need for a unified system that easily tracks and manages compliance and operational content across our group became vital,” said Michael Vargo, senior vice president of Operations at Wheels Up. “We needed a simple way to distribute documents to our flight and operations crews, gather data from them, and capture and report on compliance across our enterprise. Comply365’s mobile solutions will simplify and unify these processes, providing greater efficiencies for us as we keep growing.”   

Wheels Up reported its active members grew by 12 percent year-over-year, and it increased its revenue by 39 percent year-over-year, according to its 2022 third-quarter financial report. 

Using Comply365’s mobile app, pilots, flight attendants and other operational crew members will always have the most updated content with revision control and automated syncing. Within the app, they can search across all their manuals at once, use tags to filter documents, and add personal annotations, bookmarks, and highlights that will be retained whenever a document is updated. 

“Working with the knowledgeable team at Comply365 implementing the solution made for a smooth process, especially considering we rolled it out across all five of our AOCs (air operator certificates) at once,” Vargo said. “We are pleased to hear our flight crews found the app intuitive, and they are enjoying all the benefits of having what they need at their fingertips.”

Wheels Up is now able to distribute all document types (PDF, XLS, MP4, etc.) based on a user’s role. Users can easily see what’s changed in an updated document and read and sign in the same place. Automated compliance tracking and reporting will provide increased visibility and insights for Wheels Up.  

“It’s my pleasure to welcome Wheels Up into our Comply365 community and congratulate them on a successful implementation. It’s an exciting time at Wheels Up, and we are proud to provide them with a solution to their challenges that will enhance the efficiency and safety of their operations,” said Tom Samuel, CEO of Comply365. “We look forward to our continued partnership in helping them streamline their operational content and compliance management.” 

Comply365 is the leading provider of enterprise SaaS and mobile solutions for content management and document distribution in highly regulated industries including aviation, rail, and energy. Comply365 supports the world’s most mobile and remote workforces with targeted and personalized delivery of job-critical data that enables safe, efficient, and compliant operations. Every day, hundreds of thousands of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians, rail conductors and engineers, and energy workers rely on Comply365 for digital delivery of operational (OEM and company) manuals. Having played an instrumental role in the FAA’s approval of replacing the traditional, paper-based, pilot flight bags with electronic flight bags (EFBs), Comply365 partners with clients to transform their industries.

Wheels Up is a leading provider of on-demand private aviation in the U.S. and one of the largest private aviation companies in the world. Wheels Up offers a complete global aviation solution with a large, modern and diverse fleet, backed by an uncompromising commitment to safety and service. Customers can access membership programs, charter, aircraft management services and whole aircraft sales — as well as unique commercial travel benefits through a strategic partnership with Delta Air Lines. The Wheels Up Services brands also offer freight, safety & security solutions and managed services to individuals, industry, government and civil organizations.

Wheels Up is guided by the mission to connect flyers to private aircraft—and one another—and deliver exceptional, personalized experiences. Powered by a global private aviation marketplace connecting its growing base of more than 13,000 members and customers to a network of more than 1,500 safety-vetted and verified private aircraft, Wheels Up is widening the aperture of private travel for millions of consumers globally. With the Wheels Up mobile app, members and customers have the digital convenience to search, book and fly.

To learn more about Wheels Up, visit wheelsup.com.

Gina Duwe, Marketing Specialist, Comply365
+1 608.313.1500

Wheels Up

Vistara partners with Ultramain ELB for paperless operations; becomes first Indian airline to introduce e-tech logbook

Delhi, 25 July 2022: Vistara, India’s finest full-service carrier, today became the first Indian airline to introduce an e-tech logbook solution and go paperless in its operations in association with ULTRAMAIN ELB.

ULTRAMAIN ELB will fully replace aircraft paper technical log, cabin log, journey log, damage log, and fueling log providing a validated electronic Certificate of Release to Service (e-CRS) on flights operated by Vistara. Currently in the airborne proving stage, the ELB application will be used by Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, and Engineers on iOS devices to provide integrated workflows with Vistara’s maintenance and operational systems. The airline is seeking necessary approvals from relevant authorities before fully integrating this solution across its operations. Once implemented, ULTRAMAIN ELB will enable accurate, real-time global operational visibility of the Vistara fleet resulting in more efficient maintenance, higher dispatch reliability, and increased aircraft utilization.

“As Vistara marches on its Digital Transformational journey, the focus on digital data capture, integration and automation will continue. ULTRAMAIN ELB will help digitize our aircraft paper logs and improve operational effectiveness.” said Vinod Bhat, Chief Information Officer, Vistara.

“Vistara remains committed towards constantly improving operational efficiency across processes through automation and we’ve been investing in right technologies to achieve this goal. We are delighted to partner with Ultramain Systems, which will provide the first Electronic Logbook to seek operational approval to operate a fully electronic Technical and Cabin Logbook in India. ULTRAMAIN ELB will be integrated with various live processes like AMOS, ACARS, and ARMS for seamless operations. This application, with its completeness and ease of use, is one step towards building enterprise application integration while also focussing on sustainable operations.”, said Sisira Kanta Dash, Senior Vice President – Engineering & Maintenance, Vistara.

“We are pleased to welcome Vistara to the ULTRAMAIN ELB family. As well as our well proven defect management functions. Vistara will be using ELB’s refuel / defuel functions, which enable real time capture of refueling documentation using Ultramain’s e-Signature capabilities. This is another important step towards the automation of Line Maintenance Operations” said Mark McCausland – President and CEO of Ultramain Systems.

Ultramain Systems provides SIMPLE MOBILE PAPERLESS Aviation Maintenance software products and professional services to airlines worldwide. ULTRAMAIN® ELB™ – the market leading electronic logbook software has been replacing paper-based processes while offering comprehensive functionality and innovative features to help make airlines processes seamless.

Vistara is India’s highest-rated airline on Skytrax and TripAdvisor, and it has been the winner of several ‘Best Airline’ awards, besides being lauded for cabin cleanliness and safety standards. In a short span of seven years since starting operations, Vistara has raised the bar for operations and service standards in the Indian aviation industry to become the country’s most loved airline and has recently crossed the mark of flying 35 million passengers.


About Vistara (TATA SIA Airlines Limited): TATA SIA Airlines Limited, known by the brand name Vistara, is a 51:49 joint venture between Tata Sons Private Limited and Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA). Vistara brings together Tata’s and SIA’s legendary hospitality and renowned service excellence to offer the finest full-service flying experience in India. Vistara commenced its commercial operations on January 9, 2015, with an aim to set new standards in the aviation industry in India and it today connects destinations across India and abroad. The airline has a fleet of 53 aircraft, including 41 Airbus A320, five Airbus A321neo, five Boeing 737-800NG and two Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft and has flown more than 35 million customers since starting operations.

For more information about Vistara, visit www.airvistara.com


Rashmi Soni
VP & Head of Corporate Communications
Abhilash Pushpan
External Communications Manager
Smriti Jain
+91 9953181096

Web Manuals grows its community with two additional manual authoring partners

Malmö, Sweden; April 1, 2020: Web Manuals, the world leader in aviation document digitization solutions, is expanding its aviation manual community through partnerships with Black River Aerospace and Aerodox to offer additional document templates to aviation businesses worldwide.

Aviation manual creation and management company Black River Aerospace will be providing three levels of support. This will range from a template subscription to manual implementation and a full authoring and maintenance service, including manual creation, updates, and distribution throughout a company, accessed via Web Manuals’ interface. All documents come with live linking to FAA regulations, IS-BAO, and ARGUS standards, meaning customers are immediately alerted to any changes.

Melissa Kearby, Partner at Black River Aerospace says: “Implementation of Web Manuals has revolutionized the way we develop manuals, halving the time we spend executing a customer’s documentation. As a result, we are able to spend more quality time on relationship building and providing a phenomenal product.

“Everyone at Web Manuals is experienced and the customer service is top-notch concierge level.”

Technical manual provider Aerodox will supply customized minimum equipment lists (MELs) for many types of aircraft, maximizing flight dispatch reliability.

David Burk, owner of Aerodox states: “The Aerodox team are experts in customized MELs, CDLs, and NEF programs. We are excited to apply our combined 50 years of experience to an ever-changing world of technology. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the Web Manuals’ online platform and our exemplary MEL service”.

Paul Sandström, Chief Revenue Officer and Director of Operations EMEA at Web Manuals, says: “We are working hard to build our community so that users can have access to more software services via the Web Manuals Store. This is only made possible through companies such as Black River Aerospace and Aerodox sharing their solutions with our customers.”

Aerodox and Black River Aerospace’s services will be available via the Web Manuals Store.


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