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Web Manuals acquires ManualAI to develop AI-driven solutions

Malmö, Sweden, 2 April, 2024: Web Manuals, the world leader in digital documentation for the aviation industry, is advancing its offering with the acquisition of ManualAI Sweden AB, a company specialising in AI-based search technology based in Gothenburg.

Aiming to improve safety by enabling pilots and crew to navigate manuals as easily and intuitively as possible, acquiring ManualAI will support Web Manuals to integrate bespoke AI functions into its digital documentation system.

Martin Lidgard, CEO, Web Manuals, says: “We are actively working to evolve our technology and acquiring ManualAI will be pivotal as we start to incorporate AI functions into our product offering. This strategic move underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and technological advancement, putting us at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions. Acquiring ManualAI is testament to our growth trajectory and affirms our reputation as a steadfast, leading brand.

“Thanks to the quick integration of both business and software, we plan to deliver Web Manuals’ first AI function by Spring 2024. Supporting our aviation customers to drive operational efficiency and reduce time spent on managing compliance tasks, ManualAI’s AI functionality will help us to deliver a first-class solution.”

ASQS and Lufthansa Industry Solutions Unveil Revolutionary Ai Co-Validator:A Game-Changer for Aviation Report Processing

ASQS, a leading global provider of integrated aviation Quality and Safety Management solutions is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest feature – the iQSMS Ai Co-Validator. Developed in close cooperation with Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND), a renowned IT service provider specializing in digital transformation, the Ai Co-Validator promises to radically transform the way organizations process large volumes of incoming reports.

Leveraging ASQS’ expertise in aviation safety and risk management and Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ understanding of complex IT landscapes, system integration capabilities as well as a shared passion for innovation, the Ai Co-Validator optimizes the processing of reports with the help of artificial intelligence and thus contributes to a significant increase in productivity in aviation organizations.

“The partnership between ASQS and LHIND marks an important milestone in providing advanced solutions to the aviation industry,” says Amir Farajollahzadeh, Business Director MRO, Hospitality & SAP at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. “By utilizing the latest technologies and AI capabilities, the safety and efficiency of flight operations will be further enhanced. Users of iQSMS can benefit from the collaboration by saving time and resources while ensuring higher data quality and compliance”.

The sophisticated tool examines the content of incoming reports and suggests the best matching customer-specific event classification. If the classification suggested by the AI matches the reporter’s selection and either reaches the highest AI confidence score or exceeds the predefined minimum confidence score for the specific event classification, the report is automatically approved.

By approving incoming reports on a 24/7/365 basis in the iQSMS Reporting Module, the Ai Co-Validator ensures that important safety information is consistently forwarded to the relevant departments, not just during office hours but around the clock. The sophisticated tool thus reduces time-consuming repetitive and routine tasks and frees up resources for more critical tasks, increasing the company’s overall safety and effectiveness levels. One of the main advantages of the Ai Co-Validator also lies in its objectivity. By eliminating possible personal subjectivities and performing based on the operator’s taxonomy, the AI ensures objective and consistent report analysis and evaluation.

“We are very excited to add the Ai Co-Validator to our suite of solutions,” says Günther Schindl, Co-Founder and CEO of ASQS. “We believe this feature will drastically improve efficiency in report processing, allowing companies to focus more on their core safety tasks. We are proud to be pioneering aviation safety report processing together with Lufthansa Industry Solutions and look forward to a successful long-term partnership“.

To learn more about the iQSMS Ai Co-Validator, please visit iQSMS Ai Co-Validator or
contact us at sales@asqs.net.

Lufthansa Systems introduce a new cutting-edge AI-powered operations control assistant

  • The web-based assistant increases operational stability and efficiency
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) evaluates everyday situations to suggest preventive actions and avoid disruption
  • The innovative solution uses Reinforcement Learning to support operations controllers with recommendations based on historical data

Lufthansa Systems announced that it offers a new cutting-edge AI-powered operations control assistant for the airline industry. NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC is a web-based AI assistant that supports airline operations controllers in increasing the stability and efficiency of daily operations. The solution is already in use and jointly optimized with first customers.

“AI is the next step in the technological evolution. So, early adoption is crucial for airlines.” said Jan-Peter Gaense, Head of NetLine solutions at Lufthansa Systems. “But, we see that besides technical proficiency the key factor for successful AI support is the user’s trust. Our smart assistant supports operations controllers in their challenging work, not replacing them.”

Operations controllers make numerous complex decisions every day. They react to unforeseen events like weather or strikes to minimize their impact as such disruptions can cause high costs for the airline. The operations controller has to analyze several information sources within minutes to find the best solution. That becomes more challenging, especially during peak times with a high risk of disruption.
This is exactly where NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC comes into play: The system analyzes historical data and monitors all events around aircraft, rotation, passengers, and crews simultaneously to identify delay risks ahead of time. Then, it generates concrete recommendations on how to improve operations in real-time, which is critical in this working environment. To enable the user to make an informed decision, the system provides additional information regarding the impact of the proposed solution on the overall resilience, the buffer and the propagated delay. The smart assistant focuses on recommendations, the decision itself always remains with the operations controller.
NetLine/Ops ++ is Lufthansa Systems’ next-generation operation control system. By collecting and evaluating a wide range of data such as critical weather conditions or technical aircraft limitations, NetLine/Ops ++ alerts the operations controllers about potentially critical situations so they can quickly initiate measures to prevent and resolve disruptions.
NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC is based on Reinforcement Learning. This cutting-edge machine learning methodology is used to extract cause and effect from data and provide data-driven decision support. “Our AI agent learns to act optimally regarding a given goal. It is not predictive but prescriptive, meaning that it doesn’t tell the operations controller what will happen, but it shows what to do to reach the set goal,” explained László Kovács, Product Owner NetLine/Ops ++ aiOCC at Lufthansa Systems.

Would you like to learn more about Lufthansa Systems’ AI strategy or the AI-powered operations control assistant? Contact us to get an interview with one of our experts.