WSI and AIR SUPPORT join forces

    14 May 2014


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The Weather Company’s professional Division WSI is joining forces with one of the world’s leading flight planning systems PPS by AIR SUPPORT. The cooperation between the two renowned companies will have a massive impact on the future of flight planning. 

What do you get when you combine one of the best flight planning and real-time operation platforms in the world?

You get an industry changing solution that delivers efficiency through all phases of flight. With this cooperation, WSI and AIR SUPPORT are taking flight and empowering aircraft operators to reach new heights. PPS is already known for its ability to optimize on fuel, time and cost, which has played a big part in AIR SUPPORT’s success story. By integrating the WSI Fusion platform for essential flight and weather decisions with PPS optimized flight planning, WSI and AIR SUPPORT will empower dispatchers and other operational personnel to stay ahead of changing weather conditions, and take proactive action and stay on time and on target.

When filing a flight plan before flight with PPS, WSI’s enables dispatchers to manage by exception, alerting 24/7 to disruptive weather and plan variance and enabling timely action to reduce the impact on operations. With the amazing fusion of weather, flight, and airspace information, pilots, dispatchers and other operational personnel can track any flight from push back to dock.

Fleet operators have for a long time been asking for a proper flight panning system. Which in the early days wasn’t available but now is available in the terms of PPS flight planning and WSI combined solution.

WSI is a professional division of The Weather Company, the largest private weather company in the world, acclaimed for the highest quality real-time and forecast global weather information.