World’s First iPad App Displaying Global Airway Network

    30 Jan 2014


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Guildford, UK, 30 January 2014 – Private and commercial pilots now have a low-cost, complementary tool for flight planning and situational awareness with RocketRoute’s launch of ‘World Airways’, the first iPad app to display the entire global airway network.

With World Airways, pilots can view all airways worldwide in the palm of their hand and zoom-in to examine airways right down to town level. On a GPS-enabled iPad, users can also use the app to monitor the track, speed and altitude of their own flight. World Airways is fully updated with each Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) cycle.

Uwe Nitsche, Co-founder, RocketRoute, says: “World Airways is a great companion tool for airline, business and private pilots. Using RocketRoute’s comprehensive airways database, the app is an affordable and convenient reference tool and a great addition to a pilot’s flight planning toolkit. With the compact dimension of the iPad, World Airways is also a great way to enhance situational awareness in the cockpit.”

At its low introductory price, World Airways significantly undercuts the cost of conventional digital airways products. The app showcases the data and processing power at the heart of RocketRoute’s next-generation flight planning software, which routinely manages hundreds of thousands of data elements to identify the optimal routes for pilots to fly through the world’s airways network.

As well as being a practical tool for pilots, World Airways can be used to educate and entertain other users interested in the global airways network, including air passengers, training establishments and aviation enthusiasts.

Nitsche continues: “The worldwide airways network is breathtaking in its scope and complexity, with thousands of changes occurring daily. The scale of this achievement is clearly presented though World Airways, which offers a fresh and involving perspective on how millions of passengers are transported around the globe each day.”

World Airways is available from the iTunes store (search “RocketRoute Airways”) at an introductory price of just $9.99 for 12 months’ usage, including all AIRAC cycle updates. A free trial version will be released shortly.