Web Manuals to offer freemium licenses for all to support Covid-19 recovery

    05 Jun 2020


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To support aviation businesses during this time of uncertainty, digital documentation leader Web Manuals is offering a freemium package for all new customers.

Available until August 31, 2020, the Freemium Package includes access for five readers or reviewers, one editor and a free choice of one compliance library, with no system limitations. Alongside this, users will be provided with the onboarding free of charge.

Martin Lidgard, CEO and founder of Web Manuals says: “The aviation industry has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and are under a number of financial pressures. Ensuring compliance and safety during this time through up-to-date digital manuals should not be another cost to worry about. This is why Web Manuals will be offering this package for free for the next four months, with no contract obligations.

“The supporting complimentary training ensures that these customers are fully onboarded and can begin digitizing their documents straight away.”

An additional gesture from Web Manuals is unlimited free licenses for airline and wet lease/ACMI operators looking to digitize their manuals until August 31, 2020. Initial online training will also be free of charge for these users.

Lidgard adds: “Arguably, some of the worst affected segments of the aviation industry since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak have been airline, wet lease/ACMI operators. Providing free licenses will support these organizations as they begin to navigate the tricky recovery period, ensuring all members of their team are updated, informed and operating safely.”

Web Manuals allows aviation businesses to digitize their compliance and regulatory documentation and manuals, meaning any updates can be completed and distributed across a company instantly. This ensures that as regulations change, all members of a team have access to the most accurate information possible, improving efficiency and safety in an organization.

Users can opt-out of the package at any time before July 31st, 2020 without being billed.