Web Manuals speeds up compliance operations with Aerofoil

    15 Jun 2022


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Mississauga, Canada; June 15, 2022: Web Manuals, the world leader in digitalizing manuals for the aviation industry, is announcing a partnership with Canada’s leading compliance expert, Aerofoil, shortening the lead time to get Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) approved for its customers.

Available through the Web Manuals Store, Aerofoil will provide prepared MELs to existing Web Manuals users, developed using the appropriate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data, Transport Canada documentation and regulatory guidance. Each MEL is designed for specific operators and only once approved, in line with the Canadian Aviation Regulations, can users apply control processes to ensure they remain compliant and operate equipment safely. This is often a lengthy process, delaying operational timelines.

Krister Genmark, Vice President of Sales U.S., Web Manuals, says: “The task of writing compliant MELs can be timely and mundane, and thorough approval processes often means that implementation is delayed. Our partnership with Aerofoil will provide significant time saving benefits for our growing Canadian corporate operator client base, promising a more streamlined approach to MEL management.

“The collaboration will also widen our offering to the Canadian private operation market, marking our continued worldwide growth to-date and placing us in a strengthened position to continue working throughout the Canadian aviation sector.”  

Web Manuals’ online store allows customers to buy additional products and services to help support their compliance needs in a seamless, intuitive way. By introducing hassle-free MEL management, Web Manuals and Aerofoil are speeding up the compliance process to produce a more efficient safety operation.

For more information visit the Web Manuals Store.