Web Manuals launches first online store product together with ARGUS

    18 Oct 2018


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Web Manuals launches first online store product together with ARGUS

NBAA-BACE, Orlando, Florida; 18 October 2018: Web Manuals is partnering with PRISM, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARGUS International, to launch its first product in its online store, providing a frictionless way for aviation companies to transition to digitized documentation. 

Ready for download by the end of the year, the initial product on offer from ARGUS will be a Part 91 operators manual document template. Martin Lidgard, CEO and founder of Web Manuals, says: “The document template is ideal for start-ups just getting to grips with their digital documentation and wanting to get started as quickly and efficiently as possible. For existing operators looking to upgrade, it provides an easy solution for uploading all their documentation into a digital version.”

Web Manuals’ online store allows customers to buy additional products and services to help support their compliance needs in a seamless, intuitive way. By creating friction-free access to digital documentation, Web Manuals and ARGUS are making it easier than ever for corporate jet operators, airlines, training centers, cargo and helicopter fleets to remain compliant and up-to-date with any regulation changes.

For added ease, the templates are integrated into Web Manuals and plugged into FAA regulations and IS-BAO and ARGUS standards to provide all compliance requirements straight out-of-the-box. 

As part of the document template, ARGUS will be providing a tailored maintenance service to suit each customer’s need. Joe Moeggenberg, president and CEO of ARGUS International, says: “ARGUS provides ongoing regulatory updates in Web Manuals by learning which regulations apply to which documents and then linking to the appropriate standards, which is then propagated to documents and safety improvements. Operators can tailor their documentation on their own or with ARGUS.”

Lidgard concludes: “Our online store is designed to make the transition to digital documentation as easy as possible, meaning the road to compliance is seamless and stress-free. The launch of our first online store product from ARGUS is the start of a new era in on-the-spot adoption of digital documentation and we are excited to see this evolve.”