Viva Aerobus embarks towards an even greener future with predictive eco-flying solution ‘Opti Climb’

    22 Feb 2021


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Viva Aerobus, Mexico’s ultra low-cost carrier with the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger takes its culture of ‘The Future is Green’ into the digital age using machine learning performance models to recommend customized climb speeds to its pilots for each flight to significantly reduce fuel burn and

Leveraging data to reduce emissions

Climb-out, which represents the first 20 to 30 minutes of flight at high thrust rates, offers the most potential for fuel savings. However, it is also the most complex phase, with many parameters changing at the same time as the aircraft ascends. The use of historical flight data and Artificial Intelligence allows to address this complexity and predict fuel burn in different scenarios to recommend optimal climb speeds to pilots for each flight, taking into account individual aircraft performance and accurate 4D weather forecasts. Thanks to OptiClimb, which Viva Aerobus has implemented from January 1st further to extensive validation tests, the airline will be able to save in average 70kg of fuel for each climb, which could represent a fleetwide carbon footprint reduction of at least 14,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Taking the lead in flight efficiency

By extending such digital initiatives to its flight operations, Viva Aerobus is taking fuel efficiency to the next level, not just offsetting its carbon emissions but pro-actively reducing them at the source while also further reducing its costs for the benefit of its customers.

Viva Aerobus Head of Operations Management, Humberto Flores, said: “Viva Aerobus is fully committed to a Green Future, through innovation and the latest technology available. We were pleasantly surprised to experience how Safety Line was able to deploy such advanced predictive
by technology in such a simple, straightforward and user-friendly manner, allowing pilots to save fuel and reduce emissions at the beginning of every flight.”

Safety Line Founder & CEO, Pierre Jouniaux added “We were lucky to be able to launch a full scale trial of almost 4000 flights with Viva Aerobus before the pandemic eventually reached Mexico. Thanks to great project management and pilot commitment, application rates were as high as 83%, maximizing the savings achievable with OptiClimb”.

About Safety Line:
Paris based Safety Line offers digital solutions that enable airlines and airports to leverage existing data for safer and more efficient operations. The combination of a solid expertise in aviation associated with patented research in data science applications allows Safety Line to offer uniquely innovative and practical solutions, with a focus on better managing risks and reducing fuel and CO2 emissions.

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About Viva Aerobus:
Viva Aerobus is Mexico’s ultra-low-cost airline. It started operations in 2006 and today it operates the youngest Latin American fleet with 43 Airbus A320. With a clear vision to give all people the opportunity to fly, Viva Aerobus has democratized the airline industry with the lowest fares in México and the lowest costs in Latin America, making their flights the best value offer.

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