TRAX and Cintra partner to deliver optimized Oracle architectures for aircraft maintenance MRO operations

    21 Jun 2016


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TRAX and Cintra partner to deliver optimized Oracle architectures for aircraft maintenance MRO operations

June 21, 2016 –
Cintra and TRAX today announced a global partnership for the airline industry that will provide optimized Oracle architectures to underpin the performance and availability of TRAX’s widely used aircraft maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) ERP software.

The partnership will transform TRAX user experience for our joint customers, enabling a single aircraft maintenance query to be run in seconds not minutes, fleet wide maintenance planning in minutes not hours and FAA reporting down from days to minutes.

Several high-profile airlines are already benefiting from Cintra’s optimized Oracle architecture offering, including JetBlue Airways, the US’s fifth largest carrier. Airlines will benefit from:

  • Optimized TRAX user experience with improvements of 10X
  • Faster TRAX maintenance planning query executions by a factor of 20X
  • Faster FAA compliance reporting by a factor of 8X
  • Proven five nines 99.999% availability
  • Robust data protection with high performance backup and recovery
  • Confident support for airline fleet growth
  • Agile database copies for testing and production support activities
  • Faster aircraft maintenance operational reporting

Henry Para, COO at TRAX explained: “Cintra has repeatedly proven its ability to help TRAX customers get maximum performance and value from our application. This is why Cintra is our partner of choice.

“The challenges our customers face often relate to them not having an Oracle architecture based on a blueprinted best practice configuration, or running TRAX on legacy, multi-vendor architectures, which don’t offer the next generation performance, agility and simplicity benefits of modern Oracle platforms.”

“Cintra’s blueprinted architecture together with their proactive monitoring & managed database services approach has been tried and tested and removes the complexities of legacy and multi-vendor architectures, by building a platform that delivers the very best TRAX customer experience, performance, availability, agility, data protection and lowest overall operational risk, allowing the airline to get on with business and not have to worry about the underlying technology.”

Abdul Sheikh, CTO at Cintra, said: “The partnership is based on real-world solutions for both large and smaller airlines. Our work at JetBlue is testimony to the success of the approach we take and the architecture solutions we provide.

“JetBlue is now able to run an aircraft maintenance report in just 15 seconds, where it took 5 minutes previously. It’s cut the time to run its full 200-aircraft fleet maintenance report from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. And now delivers data for FAA compliance in minutes rather than days.

“These are the sorts of transformational benefits we’ll be looking to deliver to other TRAX customers by replacing legacy multi-vendor architecture with state-of-the-art modern Oracle Engineered Systems based architectures, to integrate seamlessly with TRAX’s Oracle database.”

Cintra provides the complete end-to-end services around Oracle architecture procurement, design, blueprinted implementation and proactive ongoing 24×7 monitoring and support.  This enables the airline to focus on business and avoids the need to recruit a team of Oracle specialists to build and manage the Oracle architecture to support TRAX.