The power of skybook in an EFB

    25 May 2018


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The power of skybook in an EFB

If you follow our skybook updates, it won’t surprise you to learn that Bytron Aviation Systems are pioneers when it comes to mobile solutions as our first variant, one of the first EFB solutions for ToughBook’s, went live way back in 2007, actively helping reduce the reliance on paper in the cockpit 11 years ago.

Derived from our already proven and award winning Companion Tablet App, the skybook EFB can be purchased as a standalone application or alternatively as part of a broader skybook package.

As standard, the EFB delivers seamless access to class leading intelligent Digital Crew Briefings, the ability to review OFP’s in detail, comprehensive Journey Logging capability covering each flight phase and added flexiblity through smart integration with other 3rd party systems giving operators a platform that is configured specifically to their needs.

Developed in partnership with our clients and industry experts, the application is intuitive and easy to use offering functionality that makes the most important information available via a single application at the touch of a button in a format that greatly improves on paper packs and journey log forms.

Heres what you need to know:

  • Unique digital briefings with smart alerting greatly reduces crew briefing times helping to speed up turnaround times
  • Digital briefings can be refreshed to get updated information as takeoff time draws closer
  • Journey Logging function allows actuals and other important data to be recorded during each flight phase
  • When connected, this data can be transmitted straight back to Ops/Dispatch teams on the ground
  • Developped with input from our clients to create a flexible user interface
  • Fully configurable to give access to information of most importance
  • System integrations ensure seamless flow of data to and from the flight deck speeding up reporting times and decision making
  • The skybook EFB is available across iOS, Microsoft an Android devices
  • The skybook EFB is flexible and available as a standalone solution for ease of implementation or as part of a broader skybook package
  • Engineered to be EASA 20/25 compliant

For a more detailed breakdown of the skybook Electronic Flight Bag application simply click here and find out all you need to know in our EFB section.

Alternatively, if you would like a demonstraton of the application simply email

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