The AutoDispatch and AutoFiling add-on

    31 Jan 2017


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The AutoDispatch and AutoFiling add-on

Optimize all calculations, uploads to CrewBriefing and FPL filings via the AutoDispatch and AutoFiling add-on. Allow to concentrate on all the more demanding tasks in a busy operational environment.

Tilføjet den 31 januar 2017 | 13:40 – Airline operators who already utilize the add-on in combination with the Data Import/Export add-on can achieve extraordinary levels of synergy and automatization in the daily operational workflow. By automatically importing traffic data on a regular basis from scheduling- and crew planning systems, PPS can be set up for fully automatic upload to CrewBriefing along with dynamic filing of all flight plans.

During operations, the AutoDispatch and AutoFiling add-on will automatically trigger filing of new flight plans through AMEXSY as well as file any changes related to existing flight plans directly to ATS units. For example, such changes may be change of aircraft or change of STD based on the updated output data from the operator’s scheduling- and crew planning system.

The automated solution gives the airline operator several advantages:

  • Automatic selection and filing of best economical FPL routing
  • Automatic filing of best eco FL based on winds, temperatures and load configuration
  • Automatic upload of all flight logs to CrewBriefing
  • Fuel tankering based on Gain/Loss and next-leg calculation
  • Automatic re-filing to ATS units of all ATC changes
  • Re-upload to CrewBriefing concerning any changes in the flight plan, flight schedule, aircraft tail/type, crew or load configuration

In the AMEXSY filing system you can easily monitor all your flights in combination with the AutoDispatch and AutoFiling add-on. Simple color codings makes it easy to quickly identify changes in the dynamic environment and thereby make quick corrective action if necessary.

After your flights have been filed automatically via AMEXSY, the AutoDispatch feature automatically uploads all new or updated briefing packages to CrewBriefing for easy download by your crews. 

Contact us today to hear more about how the AutoDispatch & AutoFiling add-on can help you optimize your airline operation.