TAP takes off with AMOS

    30 Oct 2019


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At a glance

  • AMOS MRO Edition to be deployed at TAP airline and TAP M&E
  • AMOS was put to the acid test by TAP prior to the selection being made
  • AMOSmobile to be rolled-out

AMOS (re-)confirmed as best-fit after in-depth evaluation

Another big flag carrier together with its 1900-workforce M&E organisation selects AMOS. Swiss-AS is pleased to announce that the Portuguese flag carrier TAP together with TAP Maintenance & Engineering has just inked agreements with Swiss-AS to manage in future the company-wide fleet maintenance activities with AMOS.

During the in-depth evaluation phase, all details of AMOS were extensively analysed and questioned by TAP in order to make sure that it is the best fit for the airline as well as the M&E unit. Customer visits were organised, tender documents were exchanged and several workshops had taken place before the decision was finally taken. Portugalia Airlines (PGA) next door, being a subsidiary of TAP and using AMOS since 2012, allowed TAP the unique opportunity to see AMOS live in production and benefit from PGA’s long-term experience with AMOS and Swiss-AS.

AMOS paving the way into a digital future

“It is of course with great pleasure to see AMOS being now implemented at TAP, a renowned airline with a long company history and its M&E organisation offering a wide and deep spectrum of maintenance activities. AMOS will be the right tool in place to accelerate, via the introduction of paperless maintenance processes, TAP Maintenance & Engineering digital transformation process while introducing new technologies, automated processes and digitized data,” states Ronald Schaeuffele, CEO of Swiss-AS.

“After TAP’s privatization, digital transformation in the Company became a priority as a way to support new processes, increase the speed of multiple transactions, improve communication, all this to increase efficiency and productivity. Maintenance and Engineering faces the same challenges and so the decision was made to look for a solution that could replace most of our legacy systems developed in-house. It was a lengthy process where we took the time to understand the different options in the market but also how other Airlines and MRO’s with similar operations experienced the implementation of such products. In the end we concluded that AMOS is the solution that better fit our needs not only now but for the future. It was a tough and sometimes frustrating process involving a lot of people not only from Maintenance and Engineering but other areas in TAP. Though we believe we ran a solid procurement process the real challenge starts now. Along the next couple of years we’ll face for sure some obstacles but I believe we’re ready and that AMOS will strongly support our continued success.”, considers TAP’s Chief Technical Officer.

By choosing the AMOS MRO Edition including AMOSmobile and relying on the Swiss-AS Cloud Hosting solution, TAP will take advantage of the latest features and services offered by Swiss-AS. In the future, AMOScentral may well become a cornerstone for TAP to facilitate easy and safe communication and data exchange between TAP, its subsidiary Portugalia Airlines and beyond.

Thanks to its international workforce, Swiss-AS is in the fortunate position to staff the project team with Portuguese-speaking members. Besides the project manager, we can also provide trainers, developers and business analysts who will support the TAP project team without a language barrier.