Swiss-AS strengthens its market position

    25 Jan 2016


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Swiss-AS strengthens its market position

Another year marked by growth and success

January 2016 – In 2015, the Swiss-AS MRO software AMOS was adopted by several new customers and amongst them some well-known names such as Aeroméxico, Etihad Airways and AeroLogic.

Swiss-AS is very proud to achieve a challenging 2015 year with growth in revenue of around 3.6%.

Today Swiss-AS has almost 150 employees (11.3% FTE growth in 2015) who support the continuously growing AMOS community. On the international front Swiss-AS continues its expansion with staff increases in both the Miami and Singapore offices.

Swiss-AS also welcomed two new business partners:
EXSYN and Merit Consulting. Furthermore Swiss-AS renewed its fruitful, long-term partnership with CrossConsense.

In November 2015, Swiss-AS held its sixth AMOS Customer conference in Lucerne, Switzerland. The main driving force for organising this large event was to present the long-term strategy of Swiss-AS but also to offer the AMOS community a platform to share information and learn from the experiences of their peers.

Viable innovations and developments

On the functional side, Swiss-AS launched “AMOSmobile”, a touch optimised mobile package that compiles a suite of modules for use on mobile devices. The first module offered to the AMOS community is “Maintenance Execution” for line and base maintenance, marketed as AMOSmobile/EXEC.

In addition, with AMOS11 Swiss-AS realised a major performance optimisation of the system. On a module level as well as on a system level the slower running queries and data bottlenecks were identified and optimised to ensure a high performance and scalability of AMOS to support organisations of all sizes and with world-wide operations.

Outlook 2016

In 2016, different AMOS Editions will be brought to market to meet the requirements of each individual customer, from the lean and flexible CAMO Edition up to the full MRO Edition that allows – with its dedicated additional functional scope – even large MRO organisations to manage their maintenance tasks with a best-fit solution.

To ensure that AMOS maintains its competitive edge also in the future, the AMOS Research Lab team constantly evaluates new trends and technologies such as wearable devices, 3D Visualisation, IPv6 Networking or high availability and failover solutions.