Swiss-AS closes 2016 with a continuous upswing January 2017

    18 Jan 2017


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Swiss-AS closes 2016 with a continuous upswing January 2017

Growth of the AMOS Community since 1992

Swiss-AS surpasses the 150 Customer Milestone

The year 2016 provided a memorable landmark in the company history of Swiss-AS as the milestone of 150 AMOS customers was surpassed. We are also very proud that none of our customers has ever replaced AMOS with an alternative software (except via company mergers) – this statement is quite unique in the MRO software market.

Last year renowned airlines such as ASL Aviation Group, SpiceJet, Air Serbia and Belavia took the strategic decision to join the AMOS community. Furthermore, two large MRO providers are currently implementing the Swiss software: Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) and EgyptAir Maintenance&Engineering (EGME).

At the same time a high number of AMOS implementation projects could be finalised with a successful go-live.

Our development activities in 2016 concentrated on two major topics ‘AMOSmobile’ and the ‘AMOS MRO Edition’. In both cases the inclusion of the launch customers in the development process provided, and still brings, valuable input to the design and realisation of these projects.

Swiss-AS extends the Service Portfolio

In 2016 the Operations Team of Swiss-AS expanded its service portfolio and gained a growing number of customers relying on the Swiss-AS hosting service. Upon completion of successful tests with two launch clients, new and existing AMOS customers now have the possibility to outsource server hosting to Swiss-AS experts.

Furthermore, AMOS is now ready to run on an open source database. In addition to the SAP ASE (Sybase) and Oracle databases, with PostgreSQL Swiss-AS offers a cost-effective alternative especially beneficial for smaller customers with tight budgets.

AMOSmobile: a significant step towards Paperless Maintenance

With AMOS 11.20, published in November 2016, Swiss-AS released the most advanced version of AMOSmobile/EXEC which is now ready for productive use. Pegasus and UTair, our launch customers, thoroughly tested AMOSmobile/EXEC in their working environments. Based on this valuable in the field experience Swiss-AS is now working on the finishing touches of AMOSmobile/EXEC.

AMOSmobile/EXEC is a major step towards “paperless maintenance” and we are pleased to support all customers that are ready to bring “mobility” to their line and base maintenance processes. The individual 50+ apps have been designed to allow each customer to define the best-fit implementation scenario based on the desired AMOSmobile scope. From a simple quick-win implementation of AMOSmobile/EXEC bringing AMOS “live” data to the mechanics’ finger-tips up to a full paperless maintenance process, everything is possible.