Stay on track with skybook Flight Following

    22 Mar 2019


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Stay on track with skybook Flight Following 

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 five years ago prompted the International Civil Aviation Organisation to create the GADSS global flight tracking initiative which launched back in 2016.

The requirement to comply to the GADSS flight tracking guidelines and the continuing rise of air traffic, means the job of flight management is becoming more complex. We understand the challenges to ensure the safe and efficient journey of every flight which is why we have developed a solution to improve daily operations and resources involved in monitoring airspace.

Flight Following is our response to the growing need for GADSS standard flight tracking software. Providing a virtual ‘eye in the sky’, skybook utlises either ACARS or ADS-B technology to generate position updates and feeds this information back as an interactive visual in one dashboard. This allows operators to track their active flights anywhere in the world and monitor actual flight progress against the planned route.

Flight Following will help improve up to the minute awareness of active flights by providing a position update every fifteen minutes. Should a flight leave the planned route or fail to return a position request, an instant visual distress notification is generated within Flight Following, alerting operations teams so they can initiate the appropriate action quickly.  Watch it in action.

It isn’t just another flight tracker, it does much more than monitor flight progress.  It greatly increases global situational awareness by continuously reviewing weather, NOTAM, METAR, TAF information for all departure and destination airports so operators can quickly react to changes in conditions that may affect a flight.

Our Flight Following solution provides further benefits; it can be used as a standalone solution or as part of our broader skybook package. Our solution is developed in-house providing peace of mind that it will be customised to your exact requirements, quickly and within budget.

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