Starflyer boosts revenues with IT from Lufthansa Systems

    12 Oct 2016


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Starflyer boosts revenues with IT from Lufthansa Systems

Oct 12, 2016 – Revenue management solution successfully implemented for first Japanese customer

Lufthansa Systems today announced that the Japanese airline Starflyer is using one of its ProfitLine solutions to manage revenues. The two companies signed a five-year agreement. The revenue management solution was successfully implemented in February 2016.

The system will enable Starflyer to improve the capacity utilization of its flights, respond more quickly to market changes and increase its revenues. “We were convinced by the functionality and ease of use of the revenue management solution from Lufthansa Systems,” said Kenji Ishiyama, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales Division at Starflyer. “We are impressed by how quickly and easily it was installed, and we look forward to making best use of the solution and optimizing our revenue management with it.”

The leading segment-based revenue management solution from Lufthansa Systems supports demanding airlines in a competitive environment. The solution is suitable for any business model, including traditional management, the undifferentiated management used by low-cost carriers, and various hybrid approaches. Thanks to the new Price-Based Forecasting module, airlines can use both product-sensitive and price-sensitive forecasts and optimizations. This allows them to respond directly to market developments and price changes among competitors. The system monitors the entire network and tracks critical booking patterns in order to optimize the use of an airline’s fleet. Starflyer can now sell tickets at prices based on what customers are willing to pay. This leads to greater efficiency and higher revenues. The solution is also quick to implement, and it features an intuitive user interface and flexible reporting options. This makes the product ideal for any airline wanting to optimize its revenue management with minimal investment costs.

“Our revenue management solution was developed to meet the needs of smaller and medium-sized airlines offering point-to-point connections. This makes it ideal for our customer Starflyer. Also Starflyer is a strategically important customer for Lufthansa group” said Tom Vandendael, Senior Vice President Regional Management Asia-Pacific.

Starflyer is a regional airline based in Kitakyūshū, Japan. The airline was founded in 2002 and operates domestic flights in Japan with a fleet of 9 Airbus A320-200 aircraft. Starflyer has won the highest rate of customer satisfaction in Japan for the last 7 years running.