SmartLynx Airlines selects Conduce eTechLog8 Software

    30 Jan 2015


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Conduce Group Limited is pleased to announce that it has partnered with SmartLynx Airlines to carry

out field trials of the Conduce eTechLog8 software application. The eTechLog8 application uses toughpad

or tablet hardware and eliminates the paper technical log when fully adopted. The solution has

all the required tech log book functionalities on the device and is supported by a fully functioning web

application back end to manage all line maintenance activities for the aircraft whilst in operational


The product has been developed and designed to improve ramp turnaround efficiency resulting in

improvements in OTP (On Time Performance) and to ensure that all the required information is shared

to all parties in near to real time. This enhances overall operational performance through the use of

accurate and up to date information which aids correct decision making in relation to that aircraft’s

current technical status.

SmartLynx will complete the trial on a selected A320 aircraft operating in Europe. The Latvian and

Estonian CAA have given a positive reaction to the concept of using eTechLog8 technology to enhance

the airlines’ efficiency along with improving technical data integrity and quality. Successful

completion of the field trial will lead to SmartLynx seeking full regulatory approvals from the Latvian

and Estonian aviation authorities for the removal of the aircraft paper technical log page from the

aircraft. Such a step forward will enhance SmartLynx’s operation as an ACMI provider and improve

the services given to its customers. The full project would include integration with SmartLynx’s

Commsoft OASES MRO software and IFS EFB solution.

Paul Boyd, Managing Director Conduce, stated that the project team at SmartLynx, led by Vera Suhova,

“had carefully evaluated many aspects of the eTechLog8 solution and as a consequence I predict the

trial will be a great success as many questions have already been raised, addressed and answered”

“We at SmartLynx are convinced that implementation of the electronic technical log solution will

optimize our internal processes giving improved operations efficiency and productivity. We look

forward to trying out the eTechLog8 with Conduce Group Limited. The product is promising and offers

many desirable features. The support Conduce has delivered to date leads us to expect a successful

trial resulting in a product configured to meet SmartLynx specific business needs.”