Smart4Aviation Smart LOAD Successfully Implemented At Five Carriers

    03 Aug 2015


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Smart4Aviation Smart LOAD Successfully Implemented At Five Carriers

Smart4Aviation the leading provider of Web and Mobile based operational products and services is excited to announce the successful  implementation milestone recently achieved by  Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, Martinair and Sky Regional Airlines with our industry leading  Smart LOAD automated Load Planning and Weight & Balance solution.

Smart LOAD (together with integrated Smart COMM system) is the industry’s first fully automated “Exception Based” Weight & Balance solution which fully automates the entire load planning, monitoring and execution process. Through the union of the Smart LOAD and Smart COMM applications, loading restrictions, irregularity handling, and direct communication are no longer challenges for any Airline.

As the system receives real-time information from the Flight Planning, Passenger Reservation, Check-in Baggage, Cargo, as well as other systems, Smart LOAD automatically performs Weight & Balance calculations which are continually recalculating throughout the loading process. Once achieved certain pre-defined milestones or thresholds the system will re-issue new fuel, loading instructions and/or final load number to the crew. The solution will ensure the best possible Center of Gravity and the exception based functionality means that the only time that any part of loading process requires manual interaction is when one of the exception rules is broken, If no rules are broken Smart LOAD will complete the entire process from issuing estimated zero fuel weight, fuel to the supplier, loading instructions to the ramp, issue final numbers to the crew plus any other departure messages such as UCM/LDM/CPM.

Smart LOAD has provided these five carriers the following:

  • Flexibility to perform either centralized or de-centralized modeled load planning
  • Fully automating their load planning, monitoring and execution while always optimizing the aircrafts Center of Gravity
  • Maximizing payloads while being focused on fuel saving
  • Reducing turnaround times and On-Time Performance
  • Increasing all around productivity
  • Ability to supply critical Weight & Balance related information to all individuals and departments without delay and this globally
  • Worldwide web access to Weight & Balance information
  • Reduce training time and aircraft certification
  • Transactions and interfaces traceability for quick investigation.

Smart LOAD has revolutionized the way these carriers perform Load Planning and Weight & Balance, insuring safety, full regulatory compliance and most importantly a safe and enjoyable journey for all passengers and crews.

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