skybook CTA – More than just an EFF

    19 Jan 2018


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skybook CTA – More than just an EFF

Electronic Flight Bags are nothing new, in fact we launched our first version back in 2007 which seems like a whole different era now, but with so many solutions currently on the market and a seemingly constant stream of new versions being launched operators can be forgiven for not knowing which way to turn.

Our Companion Tablet App has been born out of both industry needs and the needs of our clients, not in a bid to keep up with the wider marketplace.

We have taken our award winning skybook technology and class leading data feeds and created an intuitive, user friendly, multi-functional application that is a true companion for aircrews.

Sounds good doesn’t it but why is it different?

Our app has been engineered to deliver a user experience that is second to none, giving flight crews mobile access to our comprehensive digital briefing packs, our class leading charts, unique airfield situational awareness and more.

It’s not all one-way traffic either as our app also features a Journey Logging module that allows crews to record actual data during each phase of a flight, providing an accurate insight into costs incurred, delays experienced, inflight incidents and most importantly the ability to record data against each waypoint to create a comparison showing how the flight performed against the flight plan.

skybook is a proven solution in active use across our global client base and our app takes the skybook offering to the next level. It is modular and versatile offering a range comprehensive solutions that can help to modernise flight dispatch, crew briefing and airfield monitoring across all aviation sectors.

You can find out more about our Companion Tablet Application by either clicking the web link below or by contacting us to arrange a demonstration via

skybook Companion Tablet App –

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Let’s start your skybook journey together.