07 Nov 2012


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IT transformation powered by community cloud

Air Malta is outsourcing its IT operations to SITA and moving its infrastructure to SITA’s Air Transport Industry (ATI) Cloud as part of a major information technology transformation which will deliver up to 30 percent cost savings to the airline.

The six-year, multi-million dollar contract includes the outsourcing of campus LAN/WiFi networking, security elements, office automation servers and the provision of new hardware including laptops and tablets supported by mobile services for improved employee productivity. SITA will transform the existing data center into a virtual environment for services to be hosted within SITA’s ATI cloud infrastructure. In total, more than 500 work stations and 20 tablet devices will be powered by the ATI cloud.

The ATI Cloud is a community resource, designed for all those involved in the global air transport industry. It is a unique service offering all the advantages of cloud computing in a secure environment tailored to the specific demands of airlines, airports and other industry stakeholders.

Peter Davies, CEO, Air Malta, said: “SITA is providing us with a unique solution combining local and cloud-based services with the most up-to-date technology. Air Malta is undergoing a major restructure and this overhaul of our IT infrastructure is designed to deliver a minimum of 30 percent cost savings and a return on our investment in just two years.”

As part of the agreement, SITA will manage 40 different suppliers for the airline covering management of its entire IT provision. In addition, Air Malta is outsourcing the complexity, and controlling the costs, of its email and collaboration tools by moving to a SITA managed solution. These cloud services will ensure the airline effortlessly keeps its applications up-to-date while lowering its license costs. In addition, it will migrate to the new service more economically than it could update its legacy system on premise.

Dave Bakker, SITA President, Europe, speaking at the ICT Forum in Nice, said: “This move by Air Malta gives the airline the ability to enjoy a new level of operational agility while delivering substantial cost savings. Everyone at Air Malta will benefit from this transformation and be able take advantage of new collaboration and communication tools.

“SITA as the community provider is providing the ATI Cloud which combines network and IT solely dedicated, and specifically tailored to, the air transport industry and we know Air Malta will benefit from our managed shared IT infrastructure which optimizes the operation and distribution of applications from data centers to end users.”

Air Malta joins several other airlines that already use SITA’s applications managed and hosted via the ATI Cloud.  Work has already begun on the migration and the project is expected to be completed early in 2013.