SITA OnAir Breaks Into Airport Information Services In The US

    23 Jul 2015


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SITA OnAir Breaks Into Airport Information Services In The US

The FAA enables airlines access to SITA OnAir’s service for 73 US airports

Geneva,23 July 2015
– Leading connected aircraft provider, SITA OnAir, is now providing digital Automatic Terminal Information Service (d-ATIS) and Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) services, which give pilots access to key operational information, for 73 US airports. This is now possible since the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) opened access to US PDC and d-ATIS to SITA OnAir and others.

SITA OnAir services now provide pilots with real-time d-ATIS information from 272 airports in 33 countries, for more efficient operations thanks to the use of ACARS compared to traditional voice communications.

“d-ATIS and PDC data is essential for pilots. They provide real-time information including weather at the airport, active runways, available approaches and NOTAMs,” said Francois Rodriguez, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of SITA OnAir.

“Relevant information is provided directly either to pilots’ ACARS display terminals or Electronic Flight Bags. The FAA’s change allows us to extend our d-ATIS and PDC services to airlines flying to and from airports across the US.”

How d-ATIS works

Four of SITA OnAir’s airline customers have tested the US d-ATIS service over the past two months. Captain Alaettin Alper Aksu of Turkish Airlines, one of those testing the services, said, “We have carried out multiple tests of SITA OnAir’s US d-ATIS service. The tests were all successful and the service works perfectly.”

“d-ATIS data helps streamline pilots’ and air traffic controllers’ workloads. SITA OnAir provides connectivity solutions for every aspect of the aircraft, from nose to tail. The AIRCOM d-ATIS Gateway service is an element of the connected aircraft, exemplifying one of the key benefits of connectivity: flight operations efficiency”, Rodriguez continued.

“Our airline customers can now access d-ATIS and PDC information for most countries across the world from the same provider, delivering both efficiency and simplicity. We will continue to work with the few countries for which equal access is not yet enabled to ensure we can provide the most comprehensive service to our customers”, concluded Rodriguez.