Simplified EO generation

    01 Jan 2011


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Simplified EO generation

The new manage/m® WebService m/modification greatly enhances transforming relevant documents into Engineering Orders (EO). The source document is run through a four-step-process, with the customer making the decision on its implementation.

Transforming relevant documents – Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives or other authority requirements – into an Engineering Order (EO) requires clearly defined procedures relevant for both engineers and customers. That process is now simplified with manage/m®’s new WebService m/modification. Within m/modification, the source documents of OEMs and Aviation Authorities concerning supplementary maintenance (e.g. Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Authority Requirements) can be processed and transferred to a customer specific maintenance task which will lead to an Engineering Order.

Replacing the old applications used for creating Engineering Orders, m/modification is Lufthansa Technik’s modern and innovative way of digitizing the process of document releases concerning supplementary maintenance. Structured into four steps, the engineer can easily glide trough the process of creating an EO starting from the point of the released source document. Furthermore, the customer can directly answer to Lufthansa Technik’s compliance proof recommendations concerning how to handle different tasks via an easy to use screen mask. The proposition of Lufthansa Technik’s engineering will be provided to each affected customer via a detailed Customer Approval Sheet which serves as a basis for the required customer decision. Based on the decision about the implementation of a task, a customer specific Engineering Order can be edited within the system of m/modification.

Interfaces to the manage/m® applications for time tracking and scheduling as well as an interface for creating job orders ensure the module’s full integration into the manage/m® WebSuite, thus providing customers with a fresh and inventive way to handle their supplementary maintenance.

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