Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd. (SDS) launches ARMS® on the Tab

    13 Dec 2012


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Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd. (SDS) launches ARMS® on the Tab, making the power of ARMS® V2 even more accessible

Sheorey Digital Systems‘(SDS) ubiquitous ARMS® V2 (Aviation Resource Management System), which addresses critical and cost sensitive issues in Commercial Airlines and Air Transport operations is now even more accessible with the launch of ARMS® on the Tab. Reflecting the growing trend towards Tablet devices across airline operations and engineering, ARMS® on the Tab will deliver the attributes and values of ARMS® V2 via any user-defined platform.

Already available on iPAD2, Android Tablets and ToughPads, ARMS® on the Tab will soon also be available on Windows 8 Tablets with online access to ARMS® V2 suite (Thru Go-Global) plus ARMS® on the TAB (Apps) in offline mode. ARMS® V2 Suite modules available include:

  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB): with CFP, Trip Kit, Met & Notam Briefing  and Charts;
  • Electronic Tech Log (ETL), Cabin Log and other Post-flight reports.
  • FORMS: Safety Reports, Training Completion, Quality Audit, etc.;
  • EDOCs/Tech Pubs Library;
  • APPS: Load & Trim, RTOW, etc.

The whole package is supported by a Comprehensive Content Management and Revision Control server environment at the back-end. Summarising the launch Vivek Sheorey, CEO and Managing Director at SDS explained; “ARMS® on the Tab is beyond EFB or ETL. It makes the power of ARMS® V2 Suite available where users need it, providing anytime-anyplace accessibility as a fully mobile application”.

About SDS:

Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd. (SDS), is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, established Indian InfoTech company specialising in Aviation and Information Management domains. SDS strives to provide radically efficient and cost-effective software solutions for the Air Transportation industry.

SDS’s flagship product – ARMS® (Aviation Resource Management System) is a highly integrated, flexible and scalable enterprise‐class software solution, designed exclusively for the Air Transportation industry.

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