Seabury Solutions Welcome Sky Airline to Growing Alkym Customer Base to Support Maintenance Processes

    02 Nov 2022


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Córdoba, Argentina, November 02 2022 – Seabury Solutions, a market leader in providing Information Technology solutions for the aviation industry, announced today the addition of Sky Airline, Chile, to their growing customer base of Alkym users.

“Through a meticulous evaluation process, Sky Airline chose Seabury Solutions’ Alkym to replace its current Aircraft Maintenance Management tool. It filled us with pride to be chosen by the client most known in the region for their innovation, growth, and adaptive business model. Our teams are currently working on an implementation project that will surely conclude successfully,” noted VP Sales Latin America, Manuel Roche.

“As Engineering & Maintenance Managers, we couldn’t be oblivious to the huge digital transformation process the company is undergoing. All internal processes and passenger-related processes are being automated and the airline is experiencing remarkable growth. Due to this, we’ve been looking into replacing our current Management Information System (MIS) with a new system that can support our growth and the new challenges we must face as an airline. The system will allow us to streamline all our maintenance processes and, as a result, simplify our daily work and interaction with our “skyers” through the system. The evaluation process to choose the new system was very thorough. Before launching the RFP, every department that interacted in one way or another with the system was consulted to make an internal list of prerequisites; this way, we could satisfy the diverse needs of our local clients. Alkym stood out as the one who fit most of those prerequisites while also being willing to fulfill all the leftover requirements in the middle-term,” remarked Sky Maintenance and Engineering Director, Cecil Davidson Tölg.

Dir. Davidson continues to comment, “One of the most important features that we need from our new MIS is the ability to work outside of the office and through intelligent devices, meaning it needs a mobile function, which Alkym provides. It is also very intuitive, which makes it easy to use and offers us the possibility to improve the execution and management processes of our productive areas. Finally, it’s important to mention that Seabury has shown flexibility through the whole process and has worked tirelessly to find a solution that fits our needs. We are sure that the implementation process will provide us with many advantages to develop and smooth our maintenance processes; in that way, Alkym will support us in reaching one of our company goals, which is to continue progressing to a complete digital transformation of our processes.”

“It’s always rewarding to welcome a customer with such fleet growth as Sky Airline, who already has 28 aircraft and is waiting on more to arrive in the near future. It means we are on the right path to becoming the most comprehensive M&E Solution in the market, something that we’ve been striving for the last 20 years. There will be other airlines and MROs that eventually will move away from their existing, outdated M&E Solution, and we will be there to welcome them as well,” asserted Seabury Solutions VP & Head of Sales & Marketing, Carlos Bianchi.


Sky Airline, is based at Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago, Chile and at International Airport Jorge Chavez de Lima, Peru. It is the second largest airline in both countries, behind LATAM Airlines and the first airline to operate under a low-cost model in Chile. It serves international routes to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and The United States of America. It also operates charter flights in Chile and South America. Reference: Sky Airline at


Seabury Solutions is a leading global aviation software development and consultancy company established in 2002. Seabury Solutions has built its reputation in the market by delivering an industry-leading aviation suite of IT solutions that enhance the efficiency and decision-making process for airlines, regulators, and MROs.

Seabury Solutions’ integrated aviation software portfolio encompasses the Alkym® Maintenance Systems for airlines & MROs, Eauthority® (a safety management software for aviation authorities), and a range of airline performance analysis tools within the Enterprise Performance Analysis System (EPAS). The EPAS® suite has models that include capabilities in determining current and future route profitabilitymaintenance performance, budget planning, fuel planning and distribution channel performance. Reference: Seabury Solutions at