Scandinavian Avionics to support potential F/A-18 fleet

    04 Feb 2015


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Scandinavian Avionics to support potential F/A-18 fleet

Super Hornet program holds significant potential gains for Danish industry.

Boeing signed an agreement today with Scandinavian Avionics that outlines potential support and sustainment work should Denmark choose the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet as its next fighter jet.

Boeing and Scandinavian Avionics will explore integrating that company’s expertise in component maintenance and repair into a broader sustainment plan for Danish Super Hornets. They also would collaborate on any training necessary for Scandinavian Avionics to help maintain avionics for the fleet.

Julie Praiss, Boeing’s vice president of Tactical Aircraft & Weapons Support:

”Our work with Scandinavian Avionics and others shows that Boeing can help the Danish defense industry put its specialized capabilities to work in a long-term sustainment plan for Denmark’s fighter jet fleet while contributing to growth in this vital sector of the Danish economy.”

Scandinavian Avionics joins two other companies – Danish Aerotech and IFAD – on the Danish Super Hornet sustainment team. Boeing and its industry team members would collaborate with the Royal Danish Air Force and the U.S. Navy on support options providing cost-effective readiness for a Danish Super Hornet fleet.

Hardy Truelsen, founder of the family-owned company, said he is proud of Scandinavian Avionics being part of Boeing’s sustainment team for Danish Super Hornets:

”With a global business based on more than 35 years of experience in avionics, we look forward to exploring how this opportunity can benefit our company and Danish industry as a whole.”

Collaboration in aircraft sustainment is one of several areas Boeing is pursuing with Danish companies in support of the long-term growth of Danish industry. A recent study commissioned by Boeing and released by DAMVAD, a Danish economic consultancy, found that collaboration among Denmark’s defense industry and Boeing could create more than 10,000 jobs in Denmark and add 6 billion DKK to the country’s GDP over 20 years.