Safety Line Wins Prize At The Big Data Innovation Trophy

    11 Mar 2015


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Safety Line Wins Prize At The Big Data Innovation Trophy

Thanks to its service giving an opportunity for airlines to reduce their fuel consumptions, Safety Line has been named among the winners of the Big Data innovation trophy. 


Wednesday 11 mars 2015 – Paris France, during the 4th edition of the Big Data Paris exhibition, the jury made up of Big Data experts such as EDF, ORANGE, GE or ATOS, elected unanimously the project OptiClimb for its original, innovative and concrete nature, ranking it 3rd out of 51 projects. This trophy rewards the young company for its expertise and its capability to increase the value of data in the aviation industry.

A favorable context for innovations optimizing fuel consumptions

Nowadays almost 3% of global CO2 emissions are produced by air transport. At the same time, fuel consumptions account for 30% of airlines operational costs. Based on these facts, new European and International regulations have been issued. Whether it is about reduction of fuel costs or about gas emissions, the industry needs solutions to optimize consumptions.

One goal: save fuel through the optimization of climb profile

Safety Line introduces its solution OPTI CLIMB, a project conducted in partnership with INRIA which has led to a common patent application. This project is supported by Paris&Co, Ile-de-France Region and the European Commission through the Climate KIC program. It has been designed in order to use the data from the black boxes – which are today largely under exploited although they are “free” and accessible – to optimize the climb profile and reduce airliners consumptions. This solution allows to meet the economic and environmental challenges in air transport.

Fuel consumption during climb being at its highest, substantial savings (200 kg fuel per flight) could be achieved. This represents up to 60 million euro saved for a big airline operating 1000 flights per day. A first operational experiment has been launched with the airline Transavia France. 

About Safety Line:

Safety Line is a French start-up founded in 2010 and positioned on the market of data processing in aeronautics. Combining the expertise of data processing and flight data monitoring Safety Line is in the position to propose an extensive range of product able to match the world’s issues and challenges in air transport. The young company is supported by Starburst Accelerator, the new incubator dedicated to aeronautics (Paris – 15).

The company started with the design of an information system SAFETY CUBE dedicated to operational risk management which is already used by several great names in aviation such as XL Airways, Air Mediterranée, the ASECNA, Air Caraïbes… In the near future, Safety Line will also propose other innovative projects using Big Data that aim for example at reducing risk of accidents thanks to flight data or improve airport operations with the use of RADAR data. 


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