Regional Jet Center Signs Long-term Deal with FLYdocs to Digitise Maintenance Records

    18 Jun 2019


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Regional Jet Center Signs Long-term Deal with FLYdocs to Digitise Maintenance Records

Staffordshire, UK – 18 June 2019

FLYdocs, the global leader in digital aviation records and data management, recently signed a 10-year contract with Regional Jet Center for the ongoing management of their aircraft maintenance records across a fleet of 49 aircraft.

Regional Jet Center, part of the KLM Group, is the leading MRO for line maintenance on the Embraer 170 and 190 series, and this partnership serves as an important step in strengthening the MRO’s commitment to digital innovation. Using the cloud-based FLYdocs® platform, Regional Jet Center will have access to a centralised digital replica of all aircraft technical records – right back to birth.

André Fischer, CEO at FLYdocs said:

“The aviation industry is shifting dramatically towards a much more dynamic and technology-driven approach to aircraft record maintenance. We are delighted to be awarded this important contract with Regional Jet Center, and we are certain this partnership will yield significant financial and operational value for both parties. The FLYdocs® platform’s enhanced integration with AMOS puts MROs such as Regional Jet Center in a really strong position to demonstrate compliance on demand. We look forward to a long and positive partnership.”

Michiel van der Eijk, Managing Director at Regional Jet Center said;

“Regional Jet Center’s mission is to be the leading regional aircraft maintenance company, striving for continuous digital innovation. After an in-depth market review, we selected FLYdocs as our supplier of choice because of their innovation and advanced technology supported by an agile approach which is very much focused on the user. This partnership offers a unique combination where the groundbreaking expertise and knowledge of both worlds align together to create a future proof collaboration with the capability to even manage a large-scale fleet. Additionally, the built-in AMOS flick switch offered by FLYdocs made our selection process even easier. The access to real-time digital lifecycle compliance information will be integral for us to demonstrate real cost savings whilst also protecting our asset value.”