Prepared for any event with Lido/RouteManual Backup

    03 Aug 2017


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Prepared for any event with Lido/RouteManual Backup

Aug 03, 2017

Online service using Microsoft Azure cloud as a secure backup system for electronic navigation maps

Smooth flight operations are a top priority for airlines. Long delays or cancellations can result in high costs and damage to an airline’s image. Since pilots can not take off without navigation maps, backup solutions are essential to flight operations in case of a system failure. With its new cloud-based Lido/RouteManual Backup solution, Lufthansa Systems is offering a reliable and flexible online service as a digital backup for its electronic navigation maps.

Despite the popular trend towards a paperless flight deck, many airlines are still using paper maps as backup copies. But this negates some of the advantages of digital solutions because the paper maps still have to be printed out, picked up and carried onto the aircraft. “With Lido/RouteManual Backup, this administrative effort is a thing of the past. The new web-based solution enables fast, secure access to customized information – from anywhere, on any device,” said Igor Dimnik, Director Strategy and Market Development Lido/Navigation at Lufthansa Systems. “Pilots just need a functioning Internet connection to access the backup copy before a flight. They can view the maps in a browser or download them as PDF files. This forward-looking digital backup solution is Lufthansa Systems’ response to strong demand in the market.”

With digital solutions, there is always a certain risk of system failure. This is not due solely to the growing danger of cyberattacks. A minor software error, an operating system update that doesn’t support certain functions, a server outage or simply a malfunctioning device – there are many potential reasons for a temporary inability to access digital maps. For all of these cases, Lido/RouteManual Backup provides a reliable backup copy so that the aircraft can take off anyway.

Lido/eRouteManual complies with the rules of international aviation authorities. The online platform includes the same worldwide data as the map solution, and customer-specific information can be integrated as well. The backup system runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud and is therefore independent of the infrastructure that Lufthansa Systems provides for its navigation apps. If there is a fault in the digital map solution or a server, the necessary data can still be accessed in a browser.

Airlines can choose between two different models of the Lido/RouteManual Backup solution. In single-user mode, there is one responsible administrator at the airline who has access to the online platform and can retrieve the required information if necessary and send it to the pilot. Alternatively, temporary access can be granted using a link and password. If an airline opts for multi-user mode, each pilot will have individual access to the solution. This gives the pilots control over their own updates and data, and they can access the platform quickly and directly if need be. In both cases, users can easily select the relevant destinations, view the maps in a browser or download them as interactive PDFs, store the data and even print it out if necessary.

Caption (Copyright: Lufthansa Systems): The cloud-based Lido/RouteManual Backup solution enables pilots to access the map data they need from anywhere.