21 Dec 2012


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Shannon Ireland. December, 2012 // With the announcement of entry into the Middle East market Volartec are rounding off 2012 in style. Today we are delighted to unveil our launch customer in that region will be Petra Airlines of Jordan.

John Barry, VP Business Development with Volartec presented the good news stating “We have really wanted to get our foothold into the middle east market all year as one of our targets for 2012. Having seen how we have grown in every other region once we established a proven local customer the middle east will be no different. Petra Airline have the foresight to see the value proposition Alkym brings to their organisation and will see this benefit for many years to come.”

Petra Airline has elected to begin using the Alkym lease model which will facilitate all their current needs. Volartec will send a project team on site in January 2013 to ensure smooth implementation of the system. The complete training and Alkym confirmation process will be completed in this time.

Faris Fakhoury VP Engineering, Airworthiness & Maintenance at Petra Airline, continued to make the observations that “Petra Airline has established a strong basis in the operation over the past two years. Now that we are moving towards a scheduled operation rather than purely charter work it was time to ensure we continue to improve our reliability figures. With Alkym in place we will have the tools to manage all the technical aspects of the operation and make the adjustments we can clearly see from the reporting tools within. Looking at the market we felt we could never get the functionality we knew we needed at a price that was affordable for a start-up. Then we were introduced to Alkym and the path was crystal clear for us.”

Petra Airline will introduce the core Engineering, Maintenance and Reliability modules to manage the CAMO aspects of their business to start with. They can select any of the remaining modules to add at any point in the future as they grow. 


Based in Amman Jordan in early 2011, and drawing on this deep pool of harnessed industry experience, Petra Airlines began providing businesses and tour operators with a specialized range of cost-effective and flexible aviation and air transportation services that are on par with international quality and safety standards. In 2012, Petra Airlines is upgrading its license to become a scheduled airline, inspired by Jordan’s potential as a captivating tourism destination and an ideal gateway between East and West. The fleet of 2 A320 aircraft owned by Petra will see additions in 2013.


Volartec is a market leader within in the aviation IT industry. It has over a decade of established expertise specialized in the development and implementation of world class aviation software systems. Volartec has built a reputation as being a cost effective provider of world class maintenance management software. They combine the valued experience gained within the aviation industry with that of leading edge technologist.  One of the core Volartec principles is to put the customer at the centre of everything they do. A network of offices extending from Argentina (Americas) to Ireland (EMEA) and Australia (APAC) is designed to ensure global coverage.

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