OpenAirlines launches new subsidiary in Miami

    27 Sep 2017


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OpenAirlines launches new subsidiary in Miami
OpenAirlines, a software company in the flight operations optimization market, today announced the launch of a new subsidiary, in Miami, Florida USA.

OpenAirlines is a consulting and Big Data software company with world-class experience in optimizing an airlines’ operations, with a focus on fuel savings and environment. OpenAirlines flagship product is SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency, an innovative software that facilitates an airlines ability to save 2%-4% on their fuel consumption. OpenAirlines is based in Toulouse, France with offices in Hong Kong and now Miami to provide their customers with 24/7 support in seven (7) different languages globally.

Please join us in welcoming the new Director of Business Development Americas, Mr. Carlos A. Gonzalez, who will be leading the Miami office:

“It is a privilege and honor to join a fast-growing company like OpenAirlines, and to introduce our innovative fuel savings solution SkyBreathe®, to all the airlines in region. Our new American subsidiary will allow us to increase our presences in the region, while providing a competitive advantage from where we can promote our products, technology, and commitment to reducing fuel consumption. I look forward to an opportunity to grow and expand our presence and the use of our proven solutions and to help airlines reduce their cost of operations.”

Carlos A. Gonzalez will establish the infrastructure for the subsidiary and eventually will assemble a team to assist him in the development of this region.

Alexandre Feray, CEO OpenAirlines says:

“We’ve always believed that proximity to our customers and partners is vital in continuing to build strong relationships. With this new presence in the Americas, our Support Team will be able to respond fast to our existing and future customers’ needs in the region.”

The American region has shown an interest in achieving its goal for more efficient air travel.

“Because fuel is their biggest single expense – 33% percent of operating costs – improving fuel efficiency is one of the greatest challenges for airlines. The only hope for winning the battle to reduce costs, is through greater operational efficiency, an issue that is easily solved with the SkyBreathe® software solution.”
Concluded Alexandre Feray.

SkyBreathe® is currently assisting more than 25 airlines around the world, to greatly enhance existing fuel-saving initiatives while helping them save millions of dollars and thousands of tons of CO2.